Toni Braxton: Film Analysis Essay

Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s ya girl GiGi coming at you on a Saturday night. Why Saturday night? I was watching Toonami and a Toni Braxton documentary. (Have i ever mentioned how much i love Toni Braxton? ) Moving on. The Royal Rumble is tomorrow and i, honestly, have no predictions. I don’t have any, not one. I’ve heard some things, some of which i hope are true, others i sincerely hope are not. Although as i’ve said i have not predictions. As you all know i blog about a variety of things, good and bad, fun and chill, i’m like a sample platter of thoughts.

And with that being common knowledge, i have a habit of seeing things then blogging about it. And i saw something. “Self Hatred”, almost everytime someone does anything cosmetic wise, From hair, to makeup, to choice of music. Someone is always sounding the Self Hatred alarm. It’s every gotdamn where, and it’s annoying as hell. Not saying it’s rational, but there’s a clear and distinct reason for it. Science. We subconciously hate and/or try to bring down people whom we envy or know we cannot beat. They’ve managed to become something different that we cannot, therefore we must be inferior.

For the sake of human instinct, we hope that people who are different, fail in order to erase competition. So in turned the people accusing others of self hatred, are the ones hating that the other person chose to be different. Inciting Self Hatred IS Self Hatred. You’re either pissed because i’m different than you, or just like you, but slightly different. You think you are not good enough for me. So therefore in your mind i must hate myself because i supposedly didn’t want to be like you. Not my words just an idea because I know this personally. I’ve known it my whole life.

I’m part Native American and part Black. I don’t say “African American” because i’ve never been to africa, nor has my mother, or grandmother, or great grandmother, or great great grandmother. I’m American dammit! Lol) It’s my ancestor’s history, it’s in my DNA. But since i for the most part identify with being Black, people automaticly say i have Self Hatred. It’s win or lose, if i identify with either side more i’m supposedly hating the other. Then there’s other forms of “Self Hatred” apparently women only wear makeup to attract men and disguise themselves. I’d love for someone to explain why Lesbians (Not bashing them in any way btw. and married and/or taken women wear makeup then.

Then there’s the idea that if you wear contact lenses you have Self Hatred. People love to use Tiny Harris as an example so i will too. They say her changing her eyes to Grey means she wants to be white. First of all, she’s half white. Second, since when does ANYONE of any race have natural grey eyes. Her eye color is completely unique and doesn’t in my eyes (Which aren’t grey) look like any form of her wanting to be a particular race. Then there’s the hair debate, saying if women with naturally curly hair want straight hair or (Example) blonde hair they have Self Hatred.

They pulled the race card again with this one. So let’s flip the script. If having a hair color different than yours is the true reason behind being accused of Self Hatred. Then why is it not “Self Hatred” if someone dye’s their hair black, or blue, or purple, or if someone with naturally straight hair wears a curly hair style, or if someone get’s tattoos or piercing. They weren’t born with a hole in their ear and they sure as hell weren’t born with praying hands on their arm. *Gasps* They must hate themselves, or *Gasps again* want to be like someone else. Maybe the Minotaur from ancient greece!

HE had a nose ring, everybody with piercings wanted to be like him! Oh my god everyone hates themselves *Starts spraying holy water on people*. So you see my point. People love talking shiz and trying to bring other people down. It’s ultimately unwarrented and a scar on their reputation. Personally i celebrate people who choose to do things they love. If you want floor length brazillian weave then get it. If you want to wear so much makeup you look like the joker’s long lost sister then do it. Do what ever you want to your appearence as long as it makes you happy.