I am a sociologist by training, and my work focuses on social inequality and structural violence. I grew up in a working-class neighborhood in the Midwest, and my parents were both active union members. I attended public schools, and after graduation, I enlisted in the Army. I served for four years, including a deployment to … Read more

Black Boy Essay

Black people were segregated from white people by law and custom. Black schools, drinking fountains, restaurants, hotels, buses and restrooms were for “colored” people only. Black people had to get off the sidewalk when a white person wanted to walk on it. Black people could not try on clothes in stores; they had to buy … Read more

Benjamin Franklin Moral Perfection Summary

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, written at age seventy-seven, was the story of his life. Franklin began writing his autobiography when he retired from business in 1748 to dedicate himself fully to exploring the sciences and world religions. He continued to work on it up until his death in 1790. Through Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, Benjamin Franklin told … Read more