Iago Character Analysis Essay

Iago is often considered to be the main character of William Shakespeare’s play. He was even originally performed as such by Richard Burbage, the first actor who played him on stage for the very first time. The mastermind behind evil deeds and plans, Iago makes us wonder why he does what he does throughout the … Read more

House M. D. Character Analysis Essay

House M. D. is a medical drama and investigative series that centers on the job of Dr. Gregory House. He is a physician who works at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital as the Director of Diagnostic medicine where he supervises a team of highly skilled doctors who take on medical cases that other doctors fail to solve. In … Read more

Out Of My Book Character Analysis Essay

Out of My Book is a television series concerning eight book characters who are marooned on an island called Eithiola. In the exposition of the show, which is about two or three episodes long, the main characters are introduced. Ava, Sophie, Prairie Evers, and Ivy are all from Earth and do not believe in magical … Read more