Rise Of Communism In China Essay

The rise of communism in China was a significant development in the history of China and the world as a whole. This movement, which began in the early 20th century, was fueled by many factors, including growing unrest among China’s increasingly impoverished peasant population, political instability within China’s ruling class, and ideological tensions between China … Read more

Communism DBQ Essay

As communism spread in the twentieth century, communist regimes initially enacted gender reforms in order to gain a female following. “While women struggled for freedom throughout the western world, communist revolutions were radically equalizing for females, helping the suffragettes everywhere. “However, as feminist movements became more radical, communist governments slowed this reform. While women struggled … Read more

Essay on Michael Clayton: Film Analysis

Tony Gilroy’s movie Michael Clayton appeared on the movie circuit in 2007, at a time when intellectual thrillers were at a highpoint and amoral lawyers acted as villains. I believe this movie contains messages surrounding the ideology of capitalism. It is best to understand, exactly what is meant by the term, ideology of capitalism. The … Read more

Essay about Marxism In Pol Pot

The policies pursued by Pol Pot were done in order to maintain ideological purity, absolute control, and party security. So, did philosophers like Fanon and Marx have an undermining influence on the morals of elitists in the political realm? In response to the extreme process of purification from anything “other”, Fanon stated that, “violence is … Read more