Japanese Encephalitis Research Paper

Japan’s density Japan has a population of about 127. 3 people. In the last 50 years Japan’s population grew about 30 million. There are approximately 336 people living per kilometer square. The most dense city in Japan is Tokyo, Tokyo has a population of about 9 124 000. Tokyo’s population of about 7 percent of … Read more

Urbanization In El Salvador Essay

El Salvador, a small country in Central America, has had a huge historical housing deficit that started to improve in the late 1990s. However, the earthquakes in early 2001 shook not only the country, but also the country‚Äôs economic and social foundations thus rendering the need for new housing policies. This is the backdrop of … Read more

Honduras Essay

Honduras is approximately 1000 miles southwest of Miami and has a mainly mountainous area of 48,200 square miles. To the North it has a large coastal line with the Caribbean sea and to the South it enjoys a small access to the Pacific. Honduras lies at what was the southern tip of the Mayan civilization … Read more