Intellectual Disability Student Population

Within, at the least, the United States, we are most familiar with identifying individuals that lack cognitive skills as having “mental retardation,” but the legal term that is now being used is “intellectual disability. ” Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a law that protects the education of certain disabled children from age 3 … Read more

Summary Of The Boy Who Loved Clowns

The Boy Who Loved Clowns is a book by June Rae Wood, this book has come to readers attentions, that it was written on accomplice of her childhood. Wood grew up in Versailles, Missouri, the second of eight children. The third child, Richard, was born with down syndrome- which is who Uncle Punky portrays in … Read more

Family Health History Essay

My paternal and maternal grandparents’ health history has provided me a knowledgeable background of my family and health history. I have learned some interesting information about my family’s health history from the family tree I created. Chong Nhia Vang, my paternal grandfather, was born healthy and now he has dementia/Alzheimer’s due to aging. He also … Read more