Hard Times Charles Dickens

Hard Times by Charles Dickens is a novel that employs a great deal of irony. The Hard Times in the title refers both to the times in which the book is set (the Industrial Revolution) and to the difficult lives of the characters. However, the book also uses irony to critique aspects of society beyond … Read more

Irony In Hard Times

Hard times in the novel are presented through irony via an unsteady economy, social deprivation, and suffocating relationships. These three elements work together to show how life is not always easy when surrounded by people who are unwilling to help or be kind. The first example of irony was Crawley being evicted from his house … Read more

Hard Times Essay

Hard Times is a novel by Charles Dickens, written and published in 1854. Hard Times: For These Times (or Hard Times) was also the name of a speech given by Charles Dickens; we will see the connection between the title and the content later. Dickens explores industrialization in England without romanticizing it like he did … Read more