Benefits Of Transcendentalism

Despite being somewhat of an unknown movement, transcendentalism has many benefits that can be enjoyed by anyone. Some of the key benefits of transcendentalism include increased creativity, improved problem solving skills, and a stronger connection to the natural world. One of the main goals of transcendentalism is to encourage individuals to think for themselves and … Read more

History Of The Black Lives Matter Movement

The purpose of this qualitative research is to trace the Black Lives matter through the understanding of the history of the Black Lives Matter movement, identify the misconceptions of the movement, determine what social media has to say about the movement, identify the impact the Black Lives Matter movement has on the youth culture, determine … Read more

Emmett Till Murder Essay

“#BlackLivesMatter” is an expanding movement that fights for freedom and justice for all black lives. It started in 2012, after Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman while walking unarmed in his neighborhood. Zimmerman was later acquitted of all charges. This create a nationwide outrage in which the public felt that there was a total … Read more