First Impression Essay

First impressions are often said to be everything. The way we present ourselves to others can make a big difference in how we are perceived. But what if our first impressions are wrong? Personality psychologists have found that first impressions are often inaccurate. We tend to form judgments about others based on very little information … Read more

Quality Of Life Essays

What is the quality of life? This is a question that has been asked by philosophers, thinkers, and everyday people for centuries. There is no one answer to this question, as the quality of life is subjective and different for everyone. However, there are some factors that can be considered when thinking about the quality … Read more

Small Group Analysis

“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success-Henry Ford” (“Team Work,” n. d, para. 2). These words from Henry Ford can effectively be applied to the lifecycle of a small group. As humans, we encounter the complexities and challenges within a small group setting on a daily basis. As such, … Read more

Misconceptions About Dissociative Identity Disorder

There are many misconceptions about dissociative identity disorder. Because of how the media is able to profit off of the dramatization of this very real and harmful disorder, these misconceptions are often spread and widely believed by people who haven’t done extensive research on the subject. The spreading of these misconceptions is harmful because it … Read more

Karen Horney’s Analysis Essay

Karen Horney defines a basic anxiety as insidiously increasing, all pervading feeling of being lonely and helpless in a hostile world” (Horney, 1937, p. 89). When a child experiences basic anxiety they can develop self defense mechanisms. These self defense mechanisms can become very common throughout the child’s life. So common in fact, that they … Read more