Janice G. Raymond Sex

Sexual violence has been an increasing concern for nearly everyone all over the world, and even more specifically sex trafficking. United states criminal justice system and social service organizations especially have increased their attention in stopping these illegal activities. Three articles have brought original information on the topic of sex trafficking. The goal of the … Read more

Criminalizing Prostitution

Prostitution is a highly controversial topic when considering if it should be criminalized or not. Prostitutes have been present all throughout mankind, and in America, it’s currently illegal to solicit yourself for sex. Rebecca Hayes-Smith and Zahra Shekarkhar published a study back in the year 2010 that analyzed current assumptions about prostitutes and it’s place … Read more

Essay on Human Trafficking In Madagascar

Although the days of slavery are decades in the past, cruel and tragic abuse of people continues to this day. Across the world, vicious transactions have led to the movement of thousands of innocent persons. These citizens are then subjected to intensive work, ranging from prostitution to mining. Sadly, this type of enslavement is most … Read more