Problems College Students Face Essay

One of the biggest challenges facing college students today is University. University can be a very stressful time for students, as they are often juggling many different things at once. For example, students may be working part-time jobs to help pay for tuition, while also trying to maintain good grades and socialize with friends. This … Read more

Student Loan Debt Thesis Statement

Student loan debt has become a major issue in recent years, as the cost of university education has risen and more students have been forced to take out loans to cover their costs. The average student loan debt in the United States is now over $37,000, and the total amount of outstanding student loan debt … Read more

Studying Abroad Essay Example

Today, millions of students travel to other countries for university study. As a result, many people fear that they are forgetting the importance of their own culture, and are being negatively influenced by foreign culture. On the other hand, many students believe that they can gain more experience by interacting with those with a background … Read more

Does College Help

There is no definitive answer to the question of whether or not college helps careers. However, there are some potential benefits that students may experience by completing a college education. One benefit of attending college is that it can give students exposure to different careers. By taking various classes and interacting with professors, students may … Read more

Gilbert Immune To Reality

What does it mean to be “immune to reality?” For most people, it means that you’re able to maintain a positive self-image despite your shortcomings. You might not be the best at everything, but you still see yourself as a valuable person. This is something that students often struggle with. They can feel like they’re … Read more

Argumentative Essay On Standardized Testing

Standardized testing has been a controversial topic for many years. Some people believe that standardized tests are an effective way to measure student achievement, while others argue that they are a waste of time and resources. Standardized tests are often used as a high-stakes assessment, which means that the results can have a significant impact … Read more

Why College Athletes Shouldn’t Be Paid Essay

Student-athletes are students who are also athletes. These students have to balance playing time, grades, and practices while being students first. Student athlete is a term that means someone who is an athlete at their college or university that is also enrolled in classes on campus. Student-athletes get major advantages because of their sports abilities. … Read more

Student Loan Forgiveness Essay

Student Loan Forgiveness is an American program that provides government subsidies for borrowers to decrease the burden of repaying loans. Student Loan Forgiveness was signed into law by President George H. W. Bush in October of 2007, and has grown drastically over the years. The Student Loan Forgiveness Program is typically divided into categories based … Read more

School To Prison Pipeline Essay

The school to prison pipeline is a term used to describe the alarmingly increasing number of students having contact with the juvenile criminal court systems, because of the implemented zero-tolerance policies by the educational institutions. Zero-tolerance policies are implemented in schools around the United States, and through these policies, students are at risk for having … Read more

High-Stakes Testing Case Study Essay

Using high-stakes testing is a great way to hold the school, the district, and the educators accountable for how the students do. This is because the district, school, and educators can compare how their school is doing compared to another school. “If standardized test scores are constantly low for one school district, this shows a … Read more

Essay about Millennials Stereotypes

As a millennial, I am aware that there are many negative stereotypes about this generation. I am very bothered by these stereotypes, as they affect potential employer’s views of myself and others in my generation. I hate the thought of being denied a job based on a stereotype. Though millennials are portrayed as unmotivated slackers … Read more

Essay On Melba Patillo Beals

In 1957, nine African-American students challenged institutionalized segregation in Little Rock, Arkansas, simply by enrolling in Central High School, a formerly all-white school. Melba Patillo Beals was one of the nine determined students who attempted to desegregate the public school system in Little Rock. She later wrote about her experiences in Warriors Don’t Cry, a … Read more