Cadaver Room

Sylvia Plath’s “Two Views of a Cadaver Room” is a poem that explores the issue of death from two different perspectives. In the first stanza, the speaker describes a cadaver room from a scientific point of view, observing the cadavers as if they are objects to be studied. In the second stanza, the speaker shifts … Read more

Essay on Bell Jar Figurative Language

The Bell Jar is a novel written by Sylvia Plath. The book was published in 1963, shortly after her death. The novel is semi-autobiographical, and tells the story of a young woman’s mental breakdown. One of the most distinctive features of The Bell Jar is its use of figurative language. Sylvia Plath uses a variety … Read more

The Bell Jar Mental Illness Essay

The Bell Jar is a novel written by Sylvia Plath that tells the story of a woman’s descent into mental illness. The protagonist, Esther Greenwood, suffers from severe depression and is eventually hospitalized for electroshock therapy. The Bell Jar is a powerful and insightful portrayal of the experience of mental illness, and it has been … Read more

The Bell Jar Essay

The Bell Jar, the semi-autobiographical novel published by Sylvia Plath in 1963 under a pseudonym, is considered to be loosely based on her own experiences. The protagonist of The Bell Jar is Esther Greenwood, a young woman who has graduated from Smith College and won a prestigious summer internship at “Aunt” Emma’s fashion magazine. The … Read more

Daddy By Sylvia Plath Essay

I have always been fascinated by Daddy, the poem written by Sylvia Plath. Daddy is a poem that was created in one of her worst depressive moments and it shows clearly how she felt, what she thought about her father Otto Plath. Otto Plath was born on November 6th, 1880 in Grabow (Germany). He had … Read more