Tai Chi Research Paper

My Journey into Tai Chi For the past month and a half, once a week I go to my Tai Chi session. I took Tai Chi is a way for me to lightly exercise during my first year in college. In the beginning I found Tai Chi to be a little difficult and at times … Read more

Ancient Chinese Religions Research Paper

The civilisation of Ancient China was influenced by a complex mix of beliefs, values and traditions. Some, such as Taoism, were religious; others, such as Confucianism, were more to do with behaviour. Closely tied in with these were many rituals influencing how people were buried, how they arranged their homes, how they drank their tea … Read more

Essay about Wu Wei In Taoism

Wu wei is one of the most important concepts of Taoism. Wu is translated as none and wei is translated as doing, so literally wu wei means doing nothing. The word seems to be paradoxical because Lao Tsu was teaching people to do things to achieve the state of wu wei. In fact, wu wei … Read more