Body Art Review Paper

Labeling and stigmas are likely to occur when an individual showcase something different than the norm (Peace, 2001). Individuals sometimes get labeled negatively when they show forms of art such as tattooing, and piercing (Peace, 2001). Misconceptions are made, and body shaming even tends to occur (Peace, 2001). In most cultures, when individuals deviate from … Read more

Groups In The Real Slumdogs Essay

b. Group/ pg. 100: People who interact with one another and who believe that what they have in common is significant; also called a social group. The way the definition group is portrayed in The Real Slumdogs to me is the groups that work together to rag pick. They are groups of men and women … Read more

Essay On Cultural Appropriation

Some people aren’t familiar with the term “Cultural Appropriation” which can be why the issue is so often overlooked. Usually, this occurs with people appropriating eastern cultures and religions. Although cultural appropriation can sound like a simple concept at first such as Chinese food adapting into American culture, it’s not that simple. Cultural appropriation can … Read more