Root Cellar Summary

Root Cellar by Theodore Roethke is a poem about a place that is dark and dank, but also full of life. The root cellar is a place where things grow and where life is hidden away from the light. This poem speaks to the hidden parts of ourselves, the parts that are dark and mysterious, … Read more

My Papa’s Waltz Analysis Essay

The poem starts off with an image of the son recalling the past memories of his father, who is now passed. Although it seems very simple, Roethke’s use of language creates a strong impression that evokes nostalgia, sadness, but at the same time happiness. The first stanza reads: My papa’s Waltz was the saddest ever … Read more

Root Cellar Poem

Roethke’s poem “Root Cellar” is about Theodore Roethke’s place of birth, Saginaw County in Michigan. It was an agricultural community that included orchards, cornfields, apple trees and root cellars. The poem recalls the sounds, scents and feel of the root cellar including its coolness in summer time, the vegetables growing on hooks from the ceiling … Read more

Tone Of My Papa’s Waltz

Theodore Roethke’s poem “My Papa’s Waltz” begins with a simple observation, yet ends in intense emotion. The tone of the poem starts off fairly light with an emphasis on words that describe happy memories. He refers to his father as being “not lanky,” and describes him in similar terms when he says, “He held me … Read more