Nothing But The Truth Essay

In Avi’s book, Nothing But the Truth, Brutus says,”No Cassius; for the eye sees not itself/But by reflection, by some other things.” I think that what this quote means is that a person cannot see how they act unless someone else either acts in the same way or describes it to them. A teacher cannot … Read more

Lies Essay

People lie for a variety of reasons. Sometimes people lie to protect themselves, sometimes they lie to protect others, and sometimes they lie to avoid conflict or make themselves look better. Whatever the reason, lying is something that people do regularly. One common reason why people lie is to protect themselves. If someone is in … Read more

Persuasive Essay On Freedom Of Speech

New Jersey recognizes the right of free speech granted to United States citizens under the Federal Constitution. Freedom of Speech is not only imperative right to be protected, but is one of the first Amendments to the Constitution that is essential to the democracy. Our court identifies this fact and must uphold this democratic institution … Read more