Video Games Can Be Educational

Video games are not just for entertainment anymore. In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of using video games for educational purposes. There are now many different types of educational video games available, covering a wide range of subjects. One of the most popular genres of educational video games is the puzzle game. … Read more

Persuasive Speech Video Games

Video games have been the subject of much controversy in recent years. Some people believe that video games are to blame for an increase in violence, while others believe that they can be beneficial. In this persuasive speech, I will be arguing against the idea that video games are responsible for an increase in violence. … Read more

Negative Effects Of Video Games Essay

It is well-documented that video games can have a number of negative effects. These can include increasing aggression and violence, as well as causing problems with attention and focus. Additionally, video games have been linked to desensitization to real-world violence, and some researchers believe that they may be addictive. While there are many positive aspects … Read more

Advertising In TV

Advertising is a tactic used to persuade future customers into buying a company’s products; although, there is much more behind a pretty television commercial or billboard poster. Flashy advertising has become the new norm that Americans have become, for a great majority, used to. Jib Fowles, an accredited author and professor, explains that there are … Read more

Video Games Feminist Analysis Essay

In the early ages of video gaming, males were predominantly targeted by game companies, which resulted in games that were designed for mostly heterosexual males (indie games were created and variations of mainstream games, but they were not profound and didn’t become well known). Within the past decade, this stereotypical idea has diminished, and females … Read more