Why Did The Vietnam War Last So Long

The Vietnam War is one of the most contentious wars in United States history. When it ended, Vietnam was split into two states, communist Vietnam and non-communist Vietnam. Today, Vietnam remains a communist state while South Vietnam has for the most part embraced capitalism. The Vietnam War was a military conflict that occurred in Vietnam, … Read more

The Cambodian Incursion Essay

In the recorded conversations that Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, had with his White House aides, he reveals his motivations and his assumptions about the American public: “Everybody says we’ve got to protect this one and that one and the other one. The main thing we’ve got to protect is the … Read more

Kent State Shooting Research Paper

CINCINNATI, Ohio (Achieve3000, January 31, 2011). More than 40 years ago, four students were killed by the Ohio National Guard on the campus of Kent State University during a protest against the Vietnam War. The shootings sent shockwaves across the U. S. , further polarizing a nation already divided over the conflict. The U. S. … Read more

Kent State Massacre Essay

The Kent State shooting or May 4th Massacre was a very significant and controversial event in the 1970. This involved armed guardsmen firing 67 rounds in 13 seconds into a crowd of protesting students. This resulted in nine wounded students and four shot dead. This was a significant event as it began the nation-wide anti-war … Read more

Vietnam War Draft Avoidance Essay

All Through the Vietnam War, draft avoidance and resistance came to a peak, nearly crippling the Selective Service System. Joined with the rebellion inside the military and the greater civilian antiwar movement, draft resistance became yet another shackle on the government’s ability to wage a war in Vietnam, and brought the war home in a … Read more

Essay about Theme Of Imperialism In Heart Of Darkness

Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Conrad’s Heart of Darkness share themes of imperialism and how it corrupts supposedly impeccable men, regardless of the different settings. Coppola followed nearly all of Conrad’s elements in Heart of Darkness including inefficiencies, motivations, and savagery. The situation in Vietnam was very alike the one in the Congo seventy years earlier, … Read more

Our Lady Of La Vang Analysis Essay

Our Lady of La Vang, also known as Đức Mẹ La Vang in Vietnamese, is a Marian apparition. In 1798, when Vietnamese Christians were persecuted for their faith, many of those Christians hid in a jungle in La Vang. While they were taking refuge in the jungle, they would often pray and say the rosary. … Read more