Transformational Leadership In Healthcare Essay

B3. Opportunities: Healthcare has been and will always be a place for controversies and augment. The weakness of the organization can open up opportunities for the organization to grow and impact the community. One of the opportunities Nebraska CHI can utilize is making use of telemedicine technology for areas lacking certain medicine specialties. This is where patient make an appointment with a doctor and they visit through Skype without the patient leaving home. This will reduce the cost of transport and unnecessary emergency room visit, the patient will not miss work and the rural patient can more easily obtain specialty services.

The second opportunity is leaders and providers from different hospital apart from CHI within the communities should come together to address the population health problem and share patient information. Sharing of patient information can be done through software known as NEHII to stop duplicate of service and reduce patient cost. The provider should also communicate with another provider from a different organization in term of patient care to get high quality of care.

Sharing of information will improve patient safety by reducing medication and medical error, increase efficiency by eliminating paperwork and also provides the doctor with clinical decision support tool for more effective care and treatment. B4: Threats: The opportunities and weakness can have a very big effect on the organization and create a really big problem that would threaten the organization is outsourcing medical services through telehealth. Information technology is making possible for providers and health organization to outsource to the countries.

The provider is able to treat and monitor patient by phone and video this will cause so many doctors to lose a patient. With this new technology coming up a provider from Indian can see a patient here in American. Lack of reimbursement can occur too. The second threat is the computer virus infection. Mobile devices are being used by the physician, nurses patient, visitors and CEO to exchange information especially doctors to ensure the quality of care is provided to the patient but these electronic equipment are launched daily with upgraded version of operating system that can be infected and cause the system crash.

Since technology is on the rise and providers are sharing information with each other this can cause the hacker to mess up the system and take patient information for evil use. As new technology is introduced health care system will continue to see more network security threat. C1. Strength of the primary Leader Conducting leadership evaluation using the scholarly leadership theory and reviewing the strength of the leader was done. The leader was evaluated in depth using the leadership traits. Dr. Cliff Robert was evaluated using transformational leadership theory.

Transformational leader has the ability to articulate a clear vision and develop a culture of the organization. They also emphasize employee innovation, problem-solving and empowering them. They are able to connect between organization value and employees values. Transformational leader theory is a leader who is visionary, inspiring, daring risk taker and thoughtful thinker who brings innovation, motivation and impression to the organization. (Leadership, 2006). Dr. Cliff Roberts has so many strength that is valued within the organization.

He has an advanced level of morality and motivation that produce trust, respect, and admiration. He has the ability to make change through example. His able to inspire workers to change perception and motivate toward the organization vision goals. The emotional stable always influence employees to have a positive attitude. His always smiling and greet everyone he meets in the corridor and that puts a smile on everyone face. The smile on the face just warms up the whole room every time his addressing the organization. The energy he has is just contagious.

One day he was walking in every office telling them how much he values them and how much they are bringing to the organization revenue. This statement had a very big impact on employees because it showed how much they are contributing to the organization. This positive impact show trust and value employee feel they have in the organization The second strength of Dr. Cliff Roberts is clarity and commitment that empower and encourage employees to bring new ideas and innovation. He will never criticize any ideas n matter what.

If one person does anything wrong Dr. Cliff will not criticize any employee or them down for the mistake done. He will always try to find out what is the problem and create a new approach to solving the problem. His always stimulating workers and that makes them feel like they belong and they own it. His always guiding new managers and encouraging them by sharing his techniques. Every year he will bring all staff together to share the new ideas discuss and decide which one fit the organization. The positive impact of this strength is everybody feels and know they have contributed toward decision making.

This makes employees want to be more creative with ideas to make the organization better. This brings innovation and change. The third strength is the vision. Dr. Cliff has a big vision and always share the ideas with staff to see what they think. He has set mission and core values that direct the organization. He’s always looking to bring more hospitals and clinic under CHI. Recently CHI bought Creighton University as a CHI education facilities by doing this he has created a chance for CHI to get more doctors after graduation.

CHI will never have a shortage of doctors in Nebraska. The facilities also offer continuous education. He’s also opening critical care hospitals in rural areas. The impact of this strength is people to get healthcare services wherever they are since doctors are available. C2. Weakness of the Primary Leader The section we are analyzing the leadership style and the weakness it has toward the organization. The leader has a significant influence on staff (Bass, 1999), and how they treat and nature a person especially if they have a significant value in the organization.

Dr. Cliff has a group of doctors that he meets and shares with them what his planning to do, this group of doctors went to medical school with him. But it also creates a bad impression to the other doctors who are not part of his click and some do leave for other organization. The negative impact of this act doctors are feeling like they don’t belong and the atmosphere is not workable. The second weakness of that can be seen in a transformational leader is they like the teamwork for better achievement but this can create stress with enormity.

Some member wants to deal with the issue right now while some of them want to investigate and find out the cause. This causes conflict within a group and it became extremely difficult to reach for an answer. This can be seen in Dr. Cliff Robert. He will want something to be done quickly while some doctors will question and put on hold and it will cause stress and conflict especially if some member have an assertive personality. For example, he presented contract agreement that needs to be reviewed before it can sign and some doctors were questioning some concern.

Dr. Cliff was very stressed because the organization was going to be out of network with the insurance company but on the other hand, some doctors were taking the time to review the contract. The negative impact is when things are done in a hurry causing more errors, he really needs to present the issue on time so he does hurry. The third and final weakness trusting. Trust in the team can include different scenarios such as trusting the leader, trust among co-worker and trusting followers. Dr. Cliff Roberts trust some doctors with an assignment and they either take long to finish or forget about it until it’s due.

This cause a lot of emotion stress because he trusted them to do it and did not follow up with them until deadline time. He Cliff need to prioritize his work and know who assigned the job. C3. Recommendation for the Primary Leader There is three theory-based practice recommended for the leader of the organization to improve the employee and patient satisfaction and provide a better quality of care at a lower rate. The first theory-based practice is the need to meet doctors by specialty and let them decide who will present them in meeting that he always have with a few doctors.

So they can be able to share with others whatever they have decided. This will make the doctors all feel appreciated because they know they have somebody representing them. The second recommendation is the job satisfaction. This includes the relationship of the leader, future opportunity, pay and benefit. He needs to identify what benefits the worker needs or value more. By doing this it will create very high motivation within the organization. The job needs to retain good staff within the organization. Compare the market rate within the state and try to be more competitive to retain the staff.

The organization is always losing staff due to pay to another organization. The third and final recommendation are to set priorities. Each and every assignment needs to sign time to be completed. Dr. Cliff tries to multitask within the organization and this causes a lot of frustration. HE needs to plan everything and write down so he can remember. One example is insurance contract renewal. He needs to with the billing department to find out what kind of discrepancies they are getting from insurance and also doctors. So when his reviewing the contract he can include what is needed instead of working in the rush.