Values In The Movie Purge Essay

Values are something that create a balance in the world, they keep the populations from living the movie Purge. There is a natural code of conduct that is governed by our values and it keeps us from killing each other without regard. However, it’s not just about killing but also stealing, judgement, and respect. It is what makes people be nice to each other and help when someone is in need, our values determine the kind of person that we are. There are times when we lose track of our values and do things that are unjust or cruel.

These situations are something that we need to be careful about and try to prevent ven if it is a hard thing to go through. People tend to lose the values during times of crisis because their mindset turns into every man for himself and do whatever keeps the majority safe. Times of crisis have fortunately occurred not too often, but when they do there is nothing a person can do to keep the chaos from erecting. People lose the American ideals, especially people of power who do not know how to control the situation.

Most times it turns into the idea of how is the easiest and most effective way to control the situation without losing a lot of people. Sometimes that turns into people be arrested and thrown in jail without the correct legal processes going on. Some people might not get a court case because the cops are just trying to get potentially dangerous people off the streets to prevent the furthering of the crisis. It is not just, but in some circumstances that might actually be doing something that helps in the long run even though many would not admit that.

Continuing with the topic of safety, it is important for the law enforcement agencies and the government to make sure that they are providing the most security that they can to keep veryone safe. Several things could hurt the government if they cannot protect the people they are supposed to be governing. The loss of trust can result in all the people of the government losing their positions in the next election or if it is bad enough it could lead to a rebellion to try and over throw the government since it was not doing its job.

If the government gets into a situation where a rebellion breaks out it could turn into the second civil war of the United States, there will be people that side with the government that will oppose the rebellion and cause even more trouble. Many things can go wrong if the government is not doing what it was created to do and they could be detrimental to the country and everyone living in it. There are many instances where people left the American ideals behind them in a time of crisis and one most people will remember is hurricane Katrina.

In the book “Zeitoun”, it talks about a man who actually sent his family away to evacuate the area before the hurricane hit, but he stayed behind. After the hurricane hit it was a complete disaster with people stranded everywhere and buildings destroyed. The water levels were ery high to the point where people had to stand on the roof of their houses to keep from being in the water and drowning. First responders were doing the best they could to try and rescue people, but they had told them prior to the storm that there was no way for them to rescue people if the storm was as bad as it was predicted to be.

Many people were stranded and Zeitoun, the main character in the book, used a canoe to try and rescue as many people as he could. He tries to help all the people he sees since the police and National Guard are not doing anything to help the people stranded out in the ruins of he storm. Eventually, he gets in touch with his wife and like anyone would expect she begs him to leave and find safety with his family. Zeitoun has other plans and this is mainly because he believes that he was sent by God to help all the people that he could.

Things do not turn out all that great for Zeitoun though, after living with some tenants and other survivors they all get arrested. Law enforcement just breaks into the house and arrests all the men there without any hesitation. They are then put in a bus station converted to a jail where the prisoners are treated very poorly and have no rights. The men still are unaware of why they were arrested and probably will never find out. Authorities at this point are disregarding the American ideals and the rights of the people by arresting them and putting them in prison without a charge being given.

The authorities just arrested people to get them out of the city and out of harm’s way, but they did not need to keep them in prison and have them pay for bail. Their rights were not respected and the authorities should have been able to have a case against them for that. Even within the authority of the government they annot legally arrest and imprison a person just because and the fact that they had to pay bail to get out. What did they do that made them deserve this kind of treatment?

These people are the ones that decided to stay during the storm and risk their lives, which does not mean they should be imprisoned. In a situation like that, if a person intentionally decides to stay and try to survive the storm that is up to them. No matter how many times they are told to leave, it is still their decision to stay or go. No one wants to see people stay and get hurt, but it was heir choice and they have to be able to live with that no matter what happens to them.

However, that does not give the government the right to disrespect their rights and arrest them just to get them out of harm’s way and then put them in a prison. Arresting them to get them out of the city is something that is more understandable, but if they are imprisoned it is not just and is breaking the power authorities were given. We expect that the authorities and government will have our backs when there is a crisis like this and most of the time they do, but in some instances they do more harm than good. I agree they needed to get them out of the city, however, there was no need to put them in prison.

If anything they should have put them in a place to stay until they can enter the city again and if they decide to make their way back to their houses then so be it. Those people were given a chance and decided to go back, now their fate is in their own hands. There comes a point and time where people start to wonder how the government would react to other times of distress when instances like this have occurred. Some people even prepare themselves for situations where they will need to be ble to survive on their own if something bad were to happen.

The majority of people rely on the government to be there for them and in some cases people could say that is selfish and that we should all be capable of living on our own if it came down to it. Go back hundreds of years and people lived off the land, they did not go to grocery stores or the hospitals when they got a runny nose. People back then knew how to take care of themselves and with all the technological advances in the world today, there is no need for people to have those skills anymore on a day to day basis.

This may come back to haunt us if something terrible were to happen because most people would not be able to find sustainable resources to live off. That would be a sad outcome for the United States, it all comes back to how much Americans rely on the easy way to acquire goods and products. When you can open a laptop and make to clicks and have something show up at your door in a couple of days there is no need to have any survival skills. Most people could not survive the show Naked and Afraid if it were in their back yard. People tend to lose their values when a crisis occurs because it urns into every man for himself.

There are few people out there that will drop what they are doing to help someone 100% of the time, even though many claim that, that person is them. If the world was made up of only those types of people, world peace would not be a thought but a reality. Many people do not help others when they are in times of need and it is a shame. We all need help here or there and when you do not get it is when you find yourself in a deep hole. We all need to be more willing to help each other and then there might be a chance for getting closer to peace.