What Role Do Celebrities Play In The Music Industry Essay

Imagine how difficult the music industry would be like in the future? There are many celebrities in the music industry that send out inappropriate messages through their music. Some do not realize that they are role models and that their music inspires many people. Also, there are many people who are trying their hardest to be somebody in the music industry. They want to create music in order to send out positive messages, to motivate, and help out others. However, those who truly have a passion for music are not being recognized for their talent.

Instead, those who set out terrible examples and provide the wrong messages are the ones being recognized. Due to all these drastic changes, people have received a different understanding of what music really is. This will cause the music industry to become more difficult in the future. Especially because the public is being exposed to negative role models, meaningless music, and talent that’s not being recognized. A positive role model is someone who motivates you to become a better person.

They influence you to be the best that you could be. Nowadays, we are being exposed to negative role models in the music industry. Many celebrities don’t realize that they are a role model to others. Some celebrities are not aware that their music motivates and inspires many people. For example, Miley Cyrus. Many people see her as a horrible role model because of her actions lately. Many believe that she has changed for the worst and instead of encouraging her fans to do good, she has developed an auspicious image of herself.

Miley transitioned from an inspirational character on Disney Channel to a rebel involved with drugs, alcohol, and being provocative. Young kids look up to her and she is demonstrating a poor example because she’s influencing them to make careless, terrible decisions in the future. She makes her actions seem acceptable when in reality, they’re not. People all around the world listen to music. It’s a way to express yourself through rhythm and lyrics, and it can also connect to you emotionally. Lately music has been explicit with references to sex, drugs, and violence.

People are reflected by the music that is being exposed to them. Celebrities have to be careful with messages they’re trying to send out because it could be taken the wrong way. The purpose of music is to send out messages, to inspire, and to motivate. There are many people who try their best to be somebody in the music industry. Unfortunately, most do not get recognized for their talent. There are many artists who have constructive attitudes and spreads positivity through their music. Many are willing to make a change through their music.

Yet, they still do not get acknowledged for their hard work, dedication, and effort. Instead, we acknowledge others who promote the opposite. For example, R&B singer Jasmine Villegas. Many have set Jasmine as an example of female empowerment in the music industry. She is an artist who manages to stay positive and inspires others to speak up for themselves and for what they believe in through her music. We need to give more attention to those who are willing to make a positive change in the music industry. As a result, there will be greater music out there that sends out influential messages.

Music that is created by those that represent positive examples, will motivate and inspire others to become better. The music industry today would be challenging to change and make better. However, there are some positive outcomes. The music industry today has taught people that they are capable of accomplishing anything on their own. There are many artists that have influenced others to be self-confident. They have made it clear that it does not matter what other people think about you. What matters is what you believe in because you can achieve anything they set their mind to.

For example, Ice Cube and Dr Dre. They are a perfect example on how you can accomplish anything with hard work and dedication. They point out how you should not be afraid to speak up and be yourself. Change things up, do it your way and you will be successful. Don’t listen to those who doubt you because you are capable of anything. Aside from the negativity that is being exposed, the music industry today has really motivated and inspired others to be their best self and work hard for what they want. People have received a different understanding of what music really is.

Music is meant to bring everyone together. Music is a form of expression in which you can reach out to others and connect with them. Music is a way to influence others and motivate them. In order for the music industry to not be difficult in the future, some performers should serve as good role models. In order to make sure of that they need to be capable of sending out positive messages and show a good example. Celebrities can demonstrate that they are capable of being good leaders by using their voice in the music industry to inspire, motivate, and encourage others.