Why Did John Proctor Die

John Proctor was a husband, father, and farmer in seventeenth century Massachusetts. He was also accused of witchcraft. John Proctor’s death is a tragedy because it was brought about by the lies of Abigail Williams.

Abigail Williams was John Proctor’s former servant. She had an affair with John Proctor while he was still married to his first wife. When John Proctor’s wife found out about the affair, she fired Abigail.

Abigail then accused John Proctor of witchcraft in an attempt to get revenge. John Proctor was arrested and sentenced to death. He was hung on August 19, 1692.

Abigail Williams is responsible for the death of John Proctor because she lied about him being a witch. If she had not made false accusations, John Proctor would not have been arrested and executed.

The death of John Proctor is a tragedy. He was a good man who was brought down by the lies of Abigail Williams.

Without Abigail’s false testimony, John Proctor would not have been hanged. However, her initial cries of witchery began a domino effect that could not be stopped due to the large role that the devil played in people’s minds during that time period.

John Proctor committed adultery, which is a huge sin. So people may think that John Proctor deserves to die because he has committed such a large sin. He also tries to redeem himself by confessing to his affair and begging for forgiveness, but it’s not enough. In the end, John Proctor chooses to die with his integrity intact, rather than live without it.

He knows that if he confesses to being a witch, he will be giving up his good name and everything he stands for. John Proctor is ultimately responsible for his own death because he refused to give in to the demands of the court. Abigail Williams may have started the whole witch trial mess, but John Proctor is the one who ended up paying the ultimate price.

Abigail Williams would do anything to get her way. She was not, however, the one who set him on his path to death, told him to die or hung him. So was she responsible for it? She did not do it on purpose but she is responsible for John Proctor’s death since if there had been no her, there would be no witchery or John Proctor’s execution. Marry Warren is susceptible to what others think.

If someone tells her to do something she would do it with no questions asked. So, if Abigail Williams didn’t tell her to lie about John Proctor being a witch then John Proctor would not have died. John Proctor was a strong and opinionated man. He always stood up for what he believed in no matter what the consequences were.

He was also a very honest man and he always told the truth. So when he was accused of being a witch, he refused to lie and say that he was one even though it would have saved his life. John Proctor is to blame for his own death because if he had just lied and said that he was a witch like they wanted him to, then he would have been saved.

So, in conclusion, John Proctor is to blame for his own death because if he had just lied and said that he was a witch like they wanted him to, then he would have been saved. If it wasn’t for John Proctors integrity and honesty, he would have still been alive today.

Abigail Williams and the narrator share many characteristics, one of them being selfishness. Both would do anything to get what they want–even if it means sacrificing others or telling lies. The narrator didn’t need to falsely accuse John Proctor of witchcraft in order to save herself, but she was too scared and foolish to know any better. And because the other girls were pressuring her by repeating everything she said, she probably wasn’t thinking straight and just spoke without thinking first. It was all out of fear.

John Proctor was brought in for examination because of his wife, Elizabeth. When John goes to ask Abigail about the needle mark on her stomach she tells him that Tituba made her drink chicken blood so she could see John’s spirit. John then proceeds to tell Reverend Parris what happened between he and Abigail and how it all started.

John also states that “Abby’ll charm you easy; watch yourself with Abby.” John is trying to warn Reverend Parris about Abby and how she can easily manipulate people, but he doesn’t listen. John knows what kind of person Abby is and what she is capable of, which is why he tries to stay away from her. However, Abby is not the only one to blame for John’s death.

John Proctor is also to blame for his own death. If John would have just confessed to witchcraft, then he would not have been hanged. John refused to confess because he did not want his name to be smeared. John wanted to die with a good name, but in the end he died with no name at all. John’s stubbornness and pride led to his own demise.

Although Abby and John are both partly to blame for his death, the person who is most responsible is Judge Danforth. Judge Danforth is the one who sentenced John Proctor to death even though there was no concrete evidence that he was a witch.

She understood he was going to be hanged, yet she still refused to confess her lie. If she hadn’t spoken a word, John Proctor would never have been implicated as a witch. You may already see that her attempt to incriminate Abigail Williams into being a fraud failed; thus, even if she confessed it would not help John Proctor survive. Abigail Williams would be there to prevent her anyhow. Mary Warren lied about John Proctor and got him executed in order to save her own skin. She did not do it on purpose.

John Proctor was going to die anyways because of his wife’s actions. John Proctor is to blame for his own death. Elizabeth Proctor lied about John being a lecher and John getting mad at her shows that he may have done something to make her think that. John had an affair with Abigail, so it’s possible that John had done something similar to his wife which would make her think that he was a lecher. If John hadn’t cheated on his wife and if Elizabeth didn’t falsely accuse him of being a lecher, John may not have been hanged. John caused his own downfall and demise.

Elizabeth’s false accusation of John being a lecher led to John’s death. If John had not cheated on his wife and Elizabeth had not made the false accusation, John would not have been hanged. John is to blame for his own death.

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