Why Is It Important To Know Your Personal Identity Essay

Identity is the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. Personal identity is how you view yourself. Everybody has a different personality. Some people are introverts and others are extroverts. Some people are lazy and others are perfectionists. It is important to know your personal identity so that you know your likes and dislikes. It is important to develop your personal identity so that you can know what your talents and skills are. Tam a middle child in my family. I have one older brother as well as two younger adopted sisters.

Me and my brother normally get along well. My brother is in the Philippines right now, but when he was home, he used to make me do his chores. We would always make deals. An example would be that if I did his dishes, then he would let me play his iPad. I sometimes annoy my brother because I ask to play his electronics too much. My sisters are eleven and eight years old. They are very annoying sometimes. I sometimes make my eleven year old sister do tasks for me but not often. I rarely tell my eight year old sister to do tasks for me because she is slow to do a task.

I know that me and my brother are favored because we are the biological children of our parents. My mom thinks that my brother is obedient, but thinks that me and my sisters are lazy. My genogram showed me that most of my family are either Filipino or American. My brother and I are both. The genogram showed that my mom had nine siblings and that my dad had five siblings. Both of my parents have one dead sibling. The genogram showed that my family on my mom’s side are mostly Christian and have no divorces. I think that I have a will never be divorced if I marry and stay a Christian because of this.

The most important people to me are probably my friends and my brother. I do not dislike my parents or sisters, but they do not have as much influence on me. I am not skilled at making friends due to shyness so I am grateful that I already have a great group of friends who hang out with me. My brother is also fun to be with. He wants me to earn high grades in school and become fast at track. I feel like he wants me to have a more successful early life than he did. I like spending time with my brother, but only if we are not around anybody we know.

My brother judges me for my bad social skills when around others. I admire a man named Aaron Reed, who goes to my church. I do ow him well, but I like what I do know about him. I know that he is nice, quiet and smart. I know that he is married and has kids. I admire people who are both smart and quiet. I do not have much hobbies. I wish I could say reading the Bible and developing my faith as a Christian is one of my hobbies but it is not. I used to juggle a lot but I grew bored of it. I sometimes run but do not consider it fun. I like playing chess, but I have nobody to play it with.

I could play it online, but it is more fun playing with a real person. One of my biggest hobbies would be reading. I enjoy reading fantasy and fiction. My biggest hobby would be either playing video games or watching television. Tam at my best when I am working as hard as I can on homework or pushing myself as hard as I possibly can during a race. I am at my worst when I sleep in, wake up late and eat junk food while watching television. I am at my worst when I mock people, lose patience, procrastinate my work, or disobey my parents.

One of my natural talents is being able to accomplish my goals if I really want to. Moreover I am also skilled at memorizing information such as Bible verses or important school work. Some of my biggest struggles include playing video games before homework and controlling my temper. To deal with my procrastination problem, maybe I can have someone force me to do my homework before playing games until it becomes a habit. To deal with my temper problem, maybe I can just hold my tongue when I am annoyed until it becomes hard for people to annoy me. On my Meyers Briggs test I earned the letters INT).

INTJs tend to be determined, hard-working, rational and judgmental. I think it is more important to follow your brain than to follow your heart. On the color test I received a gold. People with the color gold tend to be organized, productive, and perfectionists. I do my best to have all these qualities and I like my work to be thorough. On my big five test I received a 60% in openness, a 50% in Conscientiousness, a 15% in extraversion, a 62. 5% in agreeableness, and a 45% in neuroticism. My score tells me that I feel uncomfortable in new situations.

It tells me that I have a hard time practicing self-discipline and organization. My results say that I am quiet and reserved. They tell me that I balance my needs or wants with the wants and needs of others. The last item that my results tell me is that I feel sadness, worry, anger, and guilt about as much as the average person. Thave both big and small dreams. Some of my biggest dreams are to marry and have kids. I dream that I will receive a full ride scholarship and earn a PhD. I want to become an incredibly fast runner and obtain superior physical shape.

I want to have a really high paying job that I enjoy doing. Someday I hope to have grandchildren. Some of these dreams might come true or maybe none of them. One thing I do know is that I will do my best to make them all come true. If I died today I would not have accomplished much in my life. I would not have led people to Jesus or inspired anybody. My death would affect many people around me. My immediate family, relatives, and friends would be sad. They might say at my funeral that I was important to them.

My mom would probably say in her head “I hope he was a Christian. I am a Christian, but my mom sometimes doubts it because of my selfishness. If I lived a full life and died at the age of eighty-five, I hope that I positively changed many people’s lives. I hope that I have led people to Jesus and inspired people to be a better person. I hoped that I am loved by all of my family and that I will be missed. At my funeral, I hope people will say that I was patient, kind, gracious, merciful, and inspiring. It will be hard to live a life so excellent that people will say these things about me, but I hope that I will a life that is worthy of these praises.