How Does Identity Affect Our Identity Essay

“ The article talks about watching on videotape does not alter our perception. It also talks about how our intimates and those who spend the most time with us know us best. But, even strangers have myriad cues to know who we are: clothes, musical preferences, or even Facebook postings. It also talks about how our parents and friends have different appearances about who we are. Our parents say that we are beautiful and smart, and they do mean it because they love us for who we are. “
“In a different environment people think different about us, they might think that we are not smart and that we aren’t beautiful. That just make you struggle by being yourself or to try and be a new you. “
“My identity has sort of changed after I arrived back…

You also have to do what you are supposed to do. When people need your help around the house or when someone drops a book at school. You help them by picking up the book or by doing the right thing.”
“ Every thing is not what it seems to be. You still have to do the right thing or the wrong thing because it’s a choice that you make about your identity and how you would make yourself better in life.”
“Sometimes it better to do the right thing even though it may turn out to be the wrong thing.”
It might turn out to be the right thing. You need to be kind and generous to people who think you need to change or the people who just like you the way you are and that might be a good thing for you and for other people. So all you need to do is be kind and good to others and to yourself.”
“ You need to be superb in every way because no one will know the true you.” Even if you know you you are truly, your identity will spread. Everywhere and do you know why? Well, it’s
because you need to be yourself and find out what your purpose in life will be. Maybe, it would be a good thing or maybe it won’t. You never know you might be really good at something and then your not. That is how my identity was since the start of 7th…