World Trade Center Towers Essay

PERFIDY TO THE CITIZENS The morning of September 11th, 2001 drastically altered humanity’s course and carved a new path in American history; a world now defined as before and after. Four coordinated crashes on three major American icons trembled the ground as though a violent earthquake tore through the heart of Manhattan. How did the airplanes even intrude the Airspace of Manhattan? How did the mighty World Trade Centre Towers become a pile of rubble? How was the American government “oblivious” to the hijacked jetliners?

All of these questions point toward the theory that this was an inside job; a deliberate plan involving over 30 years of painstaking planning. Everyone has wondered how the gleaming giants of Manhattan crumbled to the floor, only to become a scarring wreckage. The ruination of the buildings could not have occurred only due to the plane’s impact. As a matter of fact, the colossal towers were made certain to turn into dirt and stone. The main World Trade Center buildings, better known as the Twin Towers, were specifically created to withstand the impact of a Boeing 707.

Airplane impact tests conducted by WTC structural engineers during the design of the Twin Towers used the Boeing 707, which was one of the largest passenger jets in the world at the time. ” A myriad of these tests conducted in the early 60s took into account a Boeing 707 cruising at a speed of over 600 miles per hour without collapsing. The Twin Towers were struck by two Boeing 767s which were only a few feet larger in dimensions compared to the 707s. The aircrafts’ fuel tanks weren’t even half-full when they collided into the sides of the buildings and the airplanes were travelling at a withstandable speed before the collisions.

It is a known fact that the buildings could not have collapsed solely due to the jet’s impact. So how did the building actually turn into a heap of dust and debris? The Twin Towers were an engineering marvel, standing strong above the rest of Manhattan. These supertall giants were treated to some of the best building supports in America. These skyscrapers wouldn’t be standing upright without the support of the massive and immensely strong core columns which ran through the entire length of the building, supporting more than half its weight on their own.

These supports grew stronger and heavier as it reached its bedrock foundation, so the higher floors had less weight to support, therefore their core columns were relatively thinner than those in the lower floors. This proves that the floors, even though it was claimed that they buckled, shouldn’t have caused the whole building to collapse, as the stronger columns were put in place to hold up all that weight. In addition to the strong core columns, “floor trusses were supported by steel trusses. Floor sections were assembled in units, each with six trusses” (AUTHOR, DATE) and layers of corrugated steel.

The floors also stabilized the vertical columns to prevent buckling. This further proves that the buildings should not have collapsed. Many people speculate that the immense heat and energy from the planes’ explosions caused the construction-grade steel of the core columns to weaken. “About a third of the energy of the crash dissipated before pieces of the plane struck the core columns”(AUTHOR, DATE). Scientists’ calculations show us that no more than half of the core columns were severely damaged, which is a telltale sign that the airplane barely had an effect on the collapse of the building.

In addition to this, we know that the steel used to construct the core columns of the Twin Towers had a high melting point of 2795°F, whereas the jet fuel from the airplanes burns at a relatively lower temperature at about 1500°F. Simple logic suggests that the airplane wasn’t the case of the The airplane that struck the North Tower of the World Trade Center impacted the top part of the building, only damaging 5 floors. When the plane struck the strong steel support columns, it left a large hole, taking out most of the support in the four floors.

This is when the Vierendeel trusses came in play to support the weight of the buildings’ components on top by functioning as an arch, transferring loads around the hole and downward through the remaining columns at the sides (A Nation Challenged). This is yet another reason to why the building should not have collapsed. If it was not the impact of the planes that took down the buildings, then what made the Twin Towers fall like dominoes? These crashes were aided by cleverly placed bombs that were triggered to aid the initial crashes of the jets.

Video proof depicts a couple of bombs being triggered a hair too early to the crashes. These bombs were not the only ones in the skyscrapers. There were more powerful bombs in place at the lower levels of the building known as thermite bombs. When samples of rubble were sent to laboratories, scientists discovered the residue of thermite. “Scientists find Nanothermite explosives (estimated at over 10-tons) at the World Trade Center catastrophe”. Finding the residue of thermite means that there was indeed a bomb that assisted the initial explosion placed in the World Trade Centre buildings.

Pictures and eyewitnesses clearly state the molten steel was pouring out of the bottom of the South Tower before the collapse. “Dr. Thomas W. Eagar, a professor of materials engineering and engineering systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his graduate research student, Christopher Musso, pointed out that the theoretical maximum temperature of a building fire (maximum 1000°C/1800°F) is not even close to the melting point of steel (approximately 1500°C/ 2750°F). Dr. Jones’ paper reveals that the initial bright yellow ite glow of the expelled liquid was consistent with a glowing stream of molten iron from a nearby thermite reaction zone, and the expected white smoke (aluminum oxide off-gassing) supports that conclusion. ” This points toward only one thing; thermite bombs were placed secretly inside the building prior to the attacks. whi A photograph taken 16 days after the 9/11 event shows an excavator grabbing debris that remains solid even though it is glowing in the salmon-to-yellow hot range.

Dr. Jones notes that the solid metal, glowing in the 845°C/1550°F to 1080°C/1975°F temperature range, could not have been aluminum, lead, or other metals with low melting points because none of them could have remained solid in this range. This can only mean one thing, the liquid metal seen pouring out of the tower was not the aluminum plane, but was indeed the steel core columns, which has a very high melting point. Having a high melting point means that bombs that were strong enough to cut through solid steel were needed.

The most viable option would have been the use of thermite bombs which is very effective and fairly easy to attain. A major sign of the presence of the thermite bombs was left in ground zero of the wreckage. Pictures taken after the collapse of the buildings during the cleanup of debris show the remaining core columns at the ground level cut in a 45° angle. This peculiar cut is only found at a controlled demolition site. It is used to collapse a building in a specific and predictable way, much like when a lumberjack cuts down a tree by hitting only one side in a triangular shape in order for the tree to fall in a specific direction.

Some people theorize that welders and construction workers were the ones who have made the 45° angle with their tools, but regular hand-held tools that these workers use cannot cut through that type of steel. Commonsense also has a role in disarming this myth as for the welders would certainly not cut the steel in a tedious way, instead of the easy way of cutting it straight through, which requires less cutting. The idea that all of this chaos could have been prevented is a horrifying thought for many. In reality, it is exactly the case.

On the early morning of September 11th, 2001, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) had 14 jets high in the skies ready for action (WRH Articles). “It is standard operating procedure (SOP) to scramble jet fighters whenever a jetliner goes off course or radio contact with it is lost (NORAD Stand Down)”. Why didn’t the United States Air Force (USAF) send any to the location on time when they had the resources? “NORAD says that there were multiple failures resulting in erroneous reactions and decisions made by the trillion-dollar air defence”.

The government claims that this was the case of poor communication between agencies. “At least six air traffic controllers who dealt with two of the hijacked airliners on Sept. 11, 2001, made a tape recording that day describing the events, but the tape was destroyed by a supervisor without anyone making a transcript or even listening to it” said the Transportation Department. He then took this tape and shredded it into pieces and scattered it around the building’s trash cans in order for it to be undiscoverable.

This gives us all the more reason to believe that the government tried to cover up its tracks, leaving us pondering about what the government was really up to. The Twin Towers turning to a pile of rubble was no coincidence at all. The collapse of these mighty skyscrapers were ensured. From the stand down orders of Vice President Dick Cheney (Mineta), to the thermite bombs the whole event known as 9/11 was an inside job. This “terrorist attack” changed everything from the way we travel to the way we are treated.