Apush Dbq Research Paper

Times in America were extremely difficult between the years of 1929 and 1941. To fix these difficult times, many plans were put into action to attempt to help fix America’s problems. People did as much as they could to try and provide for their family and help the country as a whole. Roosevelt’s Administration responded and attempted to resolve problems such as unemployment, labor disputes, and citizens not doing what they can to prevent disaster as a whole.
Unemployment was an extreme problem during the times of 1929 and 1941, and before and after this time period. After World War 1, over-speculation, over-production and margin of error caused a great depression in the United States. Banks closed, businesses laid people off, and people lost their jobs and their money. So, Franklin D. Roosevelt started creating different agencies to relieve, recover, and reform America (Document 3). Work progress, civilian work, and public work administrations made work for many people and helped attempt to relieve the unemployment problems….

Even though unemployment rates were high, people did have jobs and some of them were not good. Workers who wanted to compromise with their employers would sit down at their workplace and protest. They would refuse to work until the settlement they wanted was reached. Lack of proper working conditions caused many of these protests (Document 7). In the case, Schechter vs. United States, the code of hours and wages for workers was examined. The Schechter company violated the laws under the National Industry Recovery Act (NIRA). The NIRA was then declared unconstitutional because it gave too much power to the federal government (Document 6). During this time period, a lot of people believed that the federal government was going to cause more of a downfall for the country, when really the federal government was just trying to help America get out of the…