Benefits Of Animal Testing Essay

The products we use everyday are a luxury that we are blessed to have and be able to use everyday. They are so easy to use and the benefits are so great that people don’t really care how they are made before they hit the shelves. But not many people think about all the tests that the product had to go through to get on the store’s shelves. Not many people think about the negatives of the product and all the test that are done on ANIMALS. Animals that are tested on are put through medical tests that could potentially kill them or harm them extremely.

The beauty product industry and scientist should find a new way to test their products and drugs without the endangerment to animals. Many people think that animal testing is a good thing, and that scientists and companies should keep using them for cosmetic products and drugs. They say the reason why they use animals for testing is because animals and humans are very similar. Animals have the same organ systems performing the same tasks as human organ systems. Animals suffer from similar diseases to human’s including cancers, TB, flu, and asthma. We share 95% of our genes with a mouse, making them an effective model for the human body.

All veterinary research has relied on the use of animal research. Modern surgical techniques, including hip replacement, surgery, kidney transplants, heart transplants and blood transfusions were all perfected in animals before they are done on animals (Animal Testing Association). But this is why they should stop animals testing everywhere and anywhere. Using animals for medical and cosmetic testing can be extremely wasteful. Despite the use of over 115 million animals in experiments globally each year, on average only 25 new medicines are approved.

Annually by the leading drug regulator, the U. S Food and Drug Administration. Even those that are approved are not universally effective due to individual reactions. The U. S Food and Drug Administration invests 50 billion dollars per year in research, but the approval rate has been the same the last 50 years. Each year they keep on spending more money, but each year the approval rate stays the same and doesn’t do any justices to anyone or thing. In most testing, they don’t even like to use the same animal for a different kind of drug or product, because the animal could still be sick or have side effects from the last drug or product that had affected them.

These companies and scientists are wasting animals that shouldn’t even have to go through this painful experiment (Arguments Against Animal Testing). Large amounts of food are required for animals in research. Including the environmental harms associated with agricultural. NIH research labs in Maryland spent more than half a million dollars on food for the animals for just over 18 months (Major Campaigns). Many times the testing they do on these animals isn’t even reliable. During testing 95% of the test fail in human trials despite promising results in animal testing, whether on safety grounds or because they do not work.

Using dogs, rats, mice, and rabbits to test whether or not a drug will be safe for humans provides little statistically useful insight, out recent analysis found. Using mice and rats to test safety in humans is only accurate 43% of the time. That is not even half, why harm animals that don’t even have accuracy testing. Out of 93 dangerous drug side effects, only 19% could have been predicted by animal tests, a recent study found (Arguments Against Animal Testing).

Dr. Richard Klausner, ‘We have cured mice of cancer for decades, and it simply didn’t work in humans. There is no point on hurting animals over and over again if it does no good for humans they are just killing animals over and over again. He also says, “And although at least 85 HIVI AIDS vaccines have been successful in nonhuman primates studies, every one of nearly 200 preventive and therapeutic vaccine trials have failed to demonstrate benefit to humans (Using Animals for medical Testing is Unethical and Unnecessary). Animal testing is just a killing experiment. In animal testing, countless animals are experimented on and then killed after their use is up.

Some are injured and will still live the remainder of their life in captivity. The doctors will not do anything to help the animals that are in pain that happen to be the reason because of them. It is the aspect of animals testing that many view as a major negative against the practice, as it seems that the animal died in vain because no direct benefit to humans occurred. Even though animals and humans have many things in common like how we both have the same organ system, there are also many things that are different between animals and humans.

Many animals cannot handle or take the same medication as humans, most the surgeries that are operated on animals are just too strong for an animal to take so they end up dying or sick for the rest of their lives. (Animal Testing Association). Animal testing generally costs an enormous amount of money. The labs on where these animals have to stay have to pay for food, shelter, care, and all the medicine they have to give the animals after going through all of the treatments. The money adds up. The price of animals themselves must be factored into the equation.

When families go and buy animals it’s not cheap some dogs can cost up to 1,000 dollars. Though all the testings they have to go through one animal will not last as long as you think. There are some companies out there that will breed animals specifically for testing and animals can be purchased through them so scientists don’t have to pay as much for the animals they want to test on. Many companies and scientists say that there is no other way to test products and medical drugs other than on animals. ‘re some scientists that have found out that they can use an instrument called Corrositex.

They have found out that it has the same results that animals have. Corrositex is an in vitro that determines chemical corrosivity and permits assignments of Packing Group classification for Class * corrosives. This test replaces that rabbit test of dermal corrosivity by providing a reliable means of mimicking this test. Also, researchers have developed a wide range of sophisticated computer models that simulate human biology and the progression of developing diseases.

Studies show that these models can accurately predict the ways that new drugs will react in the human body and ce the use of animals in exploratory research and many standard drug tests (Dr. Elias Zerhouni). Animal testing is not something that should be taken lightly. Many people don’t understand what the animals have to go through during all those tests. Scientists always say that the reason they use animals for testing is because we are so much alike. That is true, but they have feelings just like us.

If animals have to go through those tests so should it’s only right. Animal testing is just a killing experiment. Most animals are iniured during testing and will still live the remainder of their life in captivity. Testing animals cost a enormous amount of money. Just think, they have to pay for shelter, food, and even for animals. There are cheaper and safer ways than using animals like Corrositex. Having a heart is a key role in ending animal testing, animals have a life and they should be able to live it.