Persuasive Essay On Animal Testing Pros And Cons

Right now, hundreds of animals are trapped inside of a cage, and scared of the next test they are going to have to endure. Not only do they have to deal with many drugs and chemicals forced into their body, but they are also lonely, afraid, stressed and deserve to be free. They do not do drugs or drink alcohol. They do not have the same complications as we do. Just because we do horrendous things with even worse outcomes, why do they need to suffer? The answer is they do not, but we still do this to them.

Animal Testing is a global problem, that is harmful and has few, if any, benefits. Some may say that animal testing helps solve many problems and diseases. While this may be true, it is more true that the things animals have to go through is too much. Also, while the medicine may work on animals, they do not on humans because the two are immensely different. These tests are unnecessary and the animals are not treated fairly while they are tested on, for no reason. While the medicine may work when tested on the animals, there is a small chance that it will also work when used on humans.

This is a result of the animals structure and cells being so different from ours. In the United States alone, 106,000 people die from horrible side effects they get from taking medicine. This medicine was advertised as safe because it was successfully tested on animals. People are dying due to tests that worked on animals, but are not safe for humans to use. In fact, 92% of drugs passed by animal tests fail when they are first tested on humans (33 Reasons Why Animal Testing in Pointless).

This shows that animal testing does not help find cures, or save ives, but ends up making other innocent people and animals die. In addition, only 1. 16% of human illnesses are ever seen in animals, but we still test a large percentage on them. Why would we test animals if we cannot find the cure to over 98% of diseases, and the small percent we can test has no positive impacts on people (33 Reasons Why Animal Testing is Pointless; Murnaghan)? This proves that animal testing is a horrible thing to do, and it is even worse considering how rarely it actually works.

There are many unnecessary tests that animals have to go through, and the reason to be doing this is illogical. When we test animals only 30% of the tests are related to people, and finding cures for human diseases. This is because when animals are being tested on, scientists can test anything on the animals, whether it is related to a human disease or not (Animal Testing 101; Murnaghan; 33 Reasons Why Animal Testing is Pointless). Why are we putting animals in this situation, and consequently damaging and killing them, if what we do does not have a reason?

There are other techniques that work much better, as do the results. For example, cell culture toxicology works 80%-85% of the time while animal testing only works 5%-25% of the time (33 Reasons Why Animal Testing Is Pointless). I do not understand why we use animals if there is such a small chance that is will work and can actually help save someone’s life. If we used other methods to cure diseases, we could be saving both animals and people. We could be saving animals and getting results that can undoubtedly save people.

Even experimenters who tested rats trying to cure cancer mentioned that “We would have been better off flipping a coin. ” because the results did not get them any closer to curing cancer, or any new information about it (Animal Testing 101). This shows that animal testing is so harmful and pointless that even the experimenters agree the results are not worth the time, money, effort, and most importantly the things animals go through. Animals should not be tested considering the tests are not influential, and damages both the people and animals.

The final, most important reason that animals should not be tested is that they are not treated fairly. We are testing these animals for our benefit so they should be treated like heroes, however they are treated the opposite. They are unwillingly put through horrible things so humans can be healthy. However, these tests do not help us find cures, so these animals eventually die from diseases we gave them! More than 110 million animals die each year in the U. S. as a horrible result of tests, chemicals, drugs and even food that they are forced to endure (Animal Testing 101).

They die so that people can live, but since most medicines do not work on humans, both end up dying. They wish – and truly deserve – to be free but instead they are trapped inside a cage. They languish in pain, suffer from extreme frustration, ache with loneliness, and long to be free. All they can do is sit and wait in fear of the next terrifying and painful procedure that will be performed on them. They are forced to endure things such as inhaling toxic fumes, being forced to consume pesticides, and having corrosive chemicals dripped into their sensitive eyes.

This will only harm the animals, but even if the animal dies because of a medicine, they can still be sold the cure to humans (Animal Testing 101; 33 Reasons Why Animal Testing is Pointless). I do not know why we would want to sell the medicine if it only abuses people and animals. Animal testing is a horrible and senseless thing to do to both animals and people. Others will argue that animal testing helped save lives. They have cured many things such as cancer, birth defects, diabetes and many more.

Such views are inaccurate and misleading because these tests have been the cause of death for multiple many people and animals, while attempting to save lives. They don’t mention how many people and animals died in the process. Currently 2. 1 million people are hospitalized and even more die from the medicine that they thought would cure them. This is horrible because all of this medicine was animal testing approved! The fact is that animal testing never insures the real safety of animal testing because a total of nine out of ten experimental drugs fail when first tested in clinical studies!

This is happening, and these innocent creatures are dying, because we cannot accurately predict how they will behave in people based on laboratory and animal studies. I do not know why w are allowed to test animals if we rarely use the medications that come from excessively harming the animals – and consequently the people. Animal testing is horrible and needs to stop. This is because the cures that work on animals do not work on humans, and therefore are useless and cruel. There is no point to animal testing because it does not help cure human diseases.

Finally, it harms animals in the process, and does not pay off in the end. Some people disagree, saying that we have cured many diseases. I challenge this. I do not think these cures help anyone but they harm them. It harms animals so that we can attempt to solve the problems we gave them. They deserve to have a healthy, free life, but animal testing denies them of that. We need to give these innocent animals the life they deserve, not the horrible one that they have because of our poor choices.