Executive Summary: Why Animal Testing Is Important? Essay

Audience Description: An opinionated article publishing in Time Magazine addressing people against animal testing. This is a public magazine reaching many people. The purpose is to convince them that animal testing is the lesser way of two evils by making them acknowledge the benefits of animal testing.

Why Animal Testing Is Important According to Hajar animal testing has been used for a long period of time as early as ” Early Greek physician-scientists, such as Aristotle, (384 – 322 BC) and Erasistratus, (304 – 258 BC), performed experiments on living animals. This not only shows how long animal testing has been around it also shows us how crucial it has been for everyone even thousands of years ago. Animals used for testing are important in developing cures for people. Animal testing has been and will continue to be a crucial part of the human society to keep humans healthy as well as other animals. I believe that animal testing is a part of human society and most definitely should continue to be used.

There have been disabilities that controlled many people for centuries howe ever with animal testing fighting off these horrific incidents has brought people hope to become healthy once again as well as a future. Continued animal testing is ethically the lesser of two evils, allowing disease to be understood and for the emergence of viable solutions to help human survivability. Animal testing has given people the ability to fight off deadly diseases, tumors, as well as have the ability to overcome blindness. Animal testing has helped fight off a broad range of diseases. Thanks to animal testing, Asthma has been reduced magnificently.

Robert said “Asthma kills over 2000 people each year in the UK especially children. ” This is not even including adults and kids all over the world. Asthma makes people tiresome and some of the symptoms include sighing, feeling fatigue, and rapid breathing, not coughing or wheezing. Due to much research and dedication to cure this disease information finally came out from experiencing on frogs as well as guinea pigs. According to Henry Dale and Otto Loewi in the 1920s, established the chemical nature of neurotransmitters from experimenting on frogs and then further dedication in the 60s made safe long-lasting bronchodilators available.

Robert proclaims in his article “Salbutamol and terbutaline, the most widely used bronchodilators, have prevented many thousands of deaths and enabled those with asthma to live more active lives. ” People with asthma have a difficult time running for a long period of time, exercising, and even overheating quickly. With the cure for asthma people can finally be more athletic and enjoy the outdoors rather than always worrying about having an asthma attack and how they need to take things easy. While this is somewhat manageable for adults, kids love being active and this treatment allows them to be kids and enjoy themselves.

This is only one of the many cures animal testing has provided us with. Kidney Transplants, cure for breast cancer, Tuberculosis are also diseases that have been cured from animals. Animal testing has been extremely successful in the field of treating cancer. One of the deadliest diseases which kills over twelve thousand people a year is now somehow manageable with the help of animals. According to Frankie L Trull, “The brain Tumor treatment developed at Duke is a reengineered poliovirus. ” This incredible virus helps the body’s immune system to recognize and attack the bodies cancer cells.

Animal testing played a crucial part in the success of eliminating cancer cells in the body. With this huge success in the field of animal study it was difficult to see how people still thought that animal testing should be eliminated. Considering that this treatment has saved millions of people’s lives scientist are still capable of creating similar treatments to solve other diseases. In an article written by Barbara she manages to claim that “People have different feelings for animals; many look upon animals as companions while others view animals as a means for advancing medical techniques or furthering experimental research.

While this is partially true not everyone who believes in animal testing only see animals as a tool for experimenting only. Those who believe in animal testing value animals, many even have pets, as well as other truly care about them. However they value people’s lives more and see the benefits that animal testing has brought them rather than on how it hasn’t helped or in other words the negatives. This could not have worked without the use of animals.

Thanks to animal testing and the education it has brought to doctors, cancer can be treated and people who once worried about how long they had to live can now spend time with family and instead get treatment for it. Blindness is a terrifying disease that has people worried when they age, and thanks to animal testing, the disease is able to be treated. Everyone wants to be able to see their loved ones as well as the nature. Diseases such as Macular degeneration can be monitored. As Robert explains in his article, “Macular degeneration is the commonest cause of blindness in adults in the developed world.

It is caused by the abnormal growth of blood vessels behind the macula, the part of the retina responsible for detailed vision. Although it occurs in adults mostly there have been some cases in which kids had this happen to them as well. Monkeys, Cats, and rabbits were the main animals to be used to help with this unfortunate occurrence within a person. The author proclaims that this treatment was announced as a new surgical treatment in 1998. “It also involves opening the eye, detaching the retina, and moving it to a new position where it is held in place with a tuck called macular relocation.

As difficult as this sounds it is also incredible that blindness can be overcome with a surgery. Many never thought that this could be done however as proven with animals we can finally help those who are not able to see to be able to see again and be happy at last. This procedure is one of the most sight saving surgical procedures there is and not having this would simply be devastating. Having been one of the newest procedures that was created not longer than twenty years ago it would simply be awful if animal testing had been canceled.

The people who have regained their eyesight thanks to animal testing would not have the ability to see anymore. They would not be able to see their loved ones, their friends, pets, nature as well as other things people enjoy seeing from day to day. Animal testing has been a blessing to many people who ended up with long life injuries, disabilities, and mishaps. While some people are fortunate and do not have any medical condition others depend on animal testing to survive or to live a happier and healthier life.

Life long injuries such as asthma, cancer, and blindness have been killing people, making them miserable, and unhappy. By following through with animal testing it allowed diseases to be understood and helped gain solutions to help human survivability. With the ability to test on animals these things have been cured or greatly reduces to help thousands upon millions of people. Overall people have greatly benefitted from animal testing as well as many are fortunate enough to go back to their regular lifestyles with the people they love and enjoy being around.

While there will always be people who want to stop animal testing because they want the animals have the chance also; animal testing has been a blessing to people who never would have imagined of having a long, happy, active lifestyle which most definitely overpower the cons of animal testing. I do believe that some animals should be backed off of from testing such as horses, dogs, and monkeys since they are well loved by people. However using rats has made most of the discoveries and since rats are not the most liked animals, scientist should keep testing on them to make new discoveries.

Animals should most definitely be used for the sole purpose of expanding the medical treatments and should be treated kindly not harshly or roughly handled. Since animal testing has given people a second chance in life pretty much, we need to be kind to the animals and know that they are not objects we are testing on they are alive and deserve to be treated with respect. Thanks to animal testing people can once again live a much more normal life at home or a place they find most comfortable rather than be stuck in a hospital for long periods of time without any hope.