Essay On Banning Animal Testing

Animal testing on cosmetics should be banned. People are put in jail all the time for abusing their pets, but people are never put in jail for inhumane testing of cosmetics and other pharmaceuticals on these same animals. I have done a lot of research on animal testing and methods we can use that are more effective and don’t use animals through high school in my free time because of curiosity, so I know a lot of random facts about the harmful nature of this and alternative methods.

Animals are being tortured to “help” make better medicine and, the majority of the time does not affect people the same way as animals. Animal testing is inhumane and ineffective the majority of the time, it should be banned. The media is full of people talking and raising awareness for domestic animal abuse and neglect. ASPCA commercials, being the most popular, are extremely sad and show starving puppies, most people need to change the channel when they come on because of how unpleasant they are.

People who raise awareness for animal rights usually focus on the dog fights, puppy mills, and pets that get left outside in a cage with no water in one-hundred degree heat, but they do not focus on the animals that we are legally torturing for, essentially, our benefit. An article from the Do Something website said, “Over 100 million animals are burned, crippled, poisoned, and abused in US labs every year. ” (11 Facts About Animal testing. dosomething. ). That is an insane number of animals being tortured for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, like; lip-gloss, toothpaste, and eye drops.

Animal testing is not fully effective either. People and animals are very different in many ways that so it makes it hard to be able to put a product on the market without complications. In an article from the Do Something website, they said that, “92% of experimental drugs that are safe and effective in animals fail in human clinical trials because they are too dangerous or don’t work. ” (11 Facts About Animal testing. dosomething. ). Many scientists and doctors do not believe in animal testing because of the abuse and inability to be effective.

NEAVS, an organization that raises awareness for tortured animal test subjects, said, “Dr. Gerhard Zbinden, one of the world’s leading toxicologists, once described a standard in vivo test as little more than’a ritual mass execution of animals. “” (In Testing. 2014). Animal tests are extremely expensive too; they usually cost millions of dollars and kill hundreds of animals at a time, per drug (In Testing. 2014. ). It is very unintelligent of scientists and doctors to do this, when it is not even ten percent effective.

These people are supposed to be some of the smartest people in our society, ant they keep going back to ineffective and inhumane ways of testing products. There are plenty of alternatives to using animals as well. We have the technology today to use human cells, put it in a test tube, and put the drug in to see how it will react in a human, instead of an animal (Product Development. 2014. ). We could use computer generated stimuli, actual people when the drug is most likely effective, and much more (Product Development. 2014. ). I don’t know why scientists wouldn’t use these methods over animals.

They might say that it is less expensive to use animal testing then the fancy new technology, but with the amount of ineffective trials and lives lost, it would end up being less expensive to use the more advanced technology. The majority of people are unaware of which companies use animal testing. Cosmetic and drug companies should advertise their use of animal testing in the same way as tobacco companies. When people buy cigarettes and dip, they always have to say things like, “this product can cause tooth loss, lung cancer, mouth disease/cancer, etc. Cosmetic and drug companies should have to do the same thing.

When businesses use animal testing, their products should all, in bold letters and in an obvious spot, say something like, “animals were harmed making this lipstick,” or, “600 baby mice were poisoned in the making of this skin cream,” because people don’t know. If this was what businesses had to do with their products packaging, they would suffer and it would basically force them into finding another way to test their products, so they can get the animal abuser label off of their product.

Animal Testing needs to end. It is ineffective, and the scientists and doctors that use it know that it does not work. People are unaware of the product that they use that use animals as test subjects and probably would not keep using them if they knew animals were tortured to make it. Although it is legal, it inhumane and should have the same amount of publicity as domestic animal violence. If we can stand up for animals being starved by their owners, why can’t we stand up for the animals that are being tortures in labs every day?