Call Of Duty Game Analysis

Out of all of the Call of Duty games, the best one in my opinion is modern warfare 2. I will admit, black ops one and modern warfare 3 are very good games, but I still will say that modern warfare 2 is the best ever made. This game is easily the best because of many reasons, such as the guns, kill streaks, maps, and this is where quick scoping became a huge thing. Quick scoping is where you use a sniper and you aim in really quick for a second and try and kill the person. You can make quick scoping very fun and challenging.

Ill start off with the guns. Every gun in the game is really good except the F2000, which was a fully automatic gun that kicked when you shot it, so it was really hard to control the gun and get a kill from distance. My favorite assault rifle is the ACR. The ACR is a fully automatic and the accuracy and range is incredible. I would be able to shoot a person from 100 yards away effortlessly and get a headshot. Headshots are hard to get in the game by the way. You can put attachments on these weapons and the one I used was the silencer attachment.

The ACR with a silencer got me so many kills, I would end up averaging 40 kills a game. The average kills a game is about 24. In the game there is sub machine guns, and the one I was best with in the whole entire game was the UMP45. In the game you get to choose a weapon class you want to use when you go out to battle. I have ten weapon classes, and my UMP45 class is my go to. If I wanted to get a lot of kills and run around the maps looking for people to kill, then that’s the weapon I would use. I have a favorite sniper in the game and its called the Intervention.

The intervention is a bolt action sniper that normally kills them in one hit. This weapon is the sniper that made quick scoping a huge deal. Quick scoping turned out to be one of the most fun things to do in modern warfare 2. At first, my friends and I would host quick scoping matches and we would be playing in a small map. Small maps were the best for quick scoping, because it was a small area and people couldn’t hide from you while you are quick scoping them. While we were working on our quick scoping skills in our own matches, we tried to make things harder.

What we did was the first person to thirty kills wins, but for the last kill that person had to get a 360 kill to make things more hard and a better looking kill cam. Once we did these quick scoping matches a lot, we ended up doing matches online against real people around the world. This was really challenging because a lot of the people we would be facing use machine guns that clearly out gun our snipers. It was challenging and we needed that to get better. Eventually we would be able to kill anyone no matter what gun they were using.

The quick scoping in the game became very popular, and it became the norm to see people quick scoping online. One of my favorite reasons why modern warfare 2 is the best call of duty game is because of its maps. In this game, there is a wide variety of different types of maps. Treyarch (the creators of the game) did a great job of making these maps, they were not too big and not too small. There was snow maps, rainy maps, desert maps, any type of day maps. They were all perfectly made. One of my favorite maps is called Favela.

This map is based into a foreign town that has a bunch of buildings all around the map that we can go into and also you can run on top of the roofs. In this map it allowed you to be sneaky and get a lot of kills if you knew where to go and hide. Another one of my favorite maps is called high rise. In this map it is based on top of a sky scraper with a helicopter pad and a crane that you can get on. This map is really fun because since its on top of the buildings, it makes it more interesting and fun. Last but not least is the kill streaks in the game are the best ever made.

Kill streaks is when you get a certain amount of kills in a row without dying. You can set a kill streak as high as twenty-five. Getting twenty-five kills is absolutely crazy. It is hard to even get a seven kill streak. But who doesn’t like a challenge? I challenged myself in the game and set my kill streaks of seven kills which is a harrier strike that is a jet that bombs a certain place in the map, then stays and shoots at people for awhile. Then I would set an eleven kill streak which was an AC130.

An AC130 is one of the most horrifying kill streaks in the game. When one comes out a person yells ” ENEMY AC130 INBOUNDS!! ” The AC130 is a place that circles the map and shoots down huge bombs at its enemies, and has a turret that shoots at them as well. The AC130 was impossible to escape if you were out in the open. My last kill streak I set up was a twenty-five kill streak which was called the tactical nuke. The tactical nuke was an atomic bomb that killed everyone in the match and ended it immediately, and whoever set off the nuke wins the match.

I have gotten a nuke 3 times in the game and I have to say, its really challenging, but once you get the nuke, you feel pumped up and excited. It feels like you made the game winning three in a basketball game. As I said, modern warfare 2 is the best call of duty game ever made, and I don’t think that there will be a better game than this for awhile or maybe even ever. Everything about the game is perfect and it will be hard to find a better game than this one.