Carrie Nation’s Inspiration For Prohibition Essay

Carrie Nation believed that alcoholism was one of the main causes for disruption in
society. Nation was married to an alcoholic who later then died, thus pushing her to fight for
prohibition. Carrie Nation is historically significant due to her crusade toward alcoholism which
contributed to the ratification of the eighteenth amendment. She was also one of the first women
to put together a successful protest. Nation was an advocate for women’s rights and her actions
inspired more women to become brave and stand up for what they believe in, which led to the
approval of the nineteenth amendment.
Carrie Nation fought for the ban of alcohol and saloons before the time of prohibition.
Her background as a wife to an alcoholic has helped…

I was impressed with a great inspiration, the interpretation was very plain, it was this:
“Take something in your hands, and throw at these places in Kiowa and smash them.”(Carry’s
Inspiration for Smashing) These actions made her well known among americans and got her
name out as well as her protest. “One prominent temperance advocate, Kentucky-born Carrie
Amelia Moore Nation (she called herself “Carry A. Nation”), became known for particularly
violent tactics against what she called “evil spirits.” In addition to making protest speeches,
Nation was known for breaking saloon windows and mirrors and destroying kegs of beer or
whiskey with a hatchet. She was arrested numerous times, and became a household name across
the country for her “saloon-smashing” campaign.”(18th and 21st Amendments)
Carrie Nation showed women around the US that they could protest for what they
believe because no matter the consequences, the reward is worth it. Nation was jailed,…

Carrie Nation was
very influential to the women around her and her church group. The women would all join in for
the singing and vandalizing of the bars. By using violence instead of peace, like most of the
women groups, Nation was able to achieve her goal of letting people know about the affects of
alcohol, though she was not able to live to the day that the prohibition movement took place,
which banned alcohol in the US. But she was one of the biggest influences for that law to get
Carrie Nation had a very effect role in the ratification of 2 big amendements. The 18th
amendment which stopped the sale, manufacturing, and transporting of liquor in the United
States. Nation also helped women become brave in the face of the 21st amendment by showing
them that women are stronger than believed by men. Carrie Nation is an important historical
figure do to these facts and she has changed the lives of many americans by standing up for
herself, standing up for others, and standing up to anyone who were to impose…