Cause And Effect Essay On Littering

First impressions are very defining. Normally people make first impressions once they see the actions of other people. Depending on what that person or group did gives people watching a bad eye. The act of littering may seen very much inconsequential, but over a period of time it creates a very obnoxious viewpoint towards the community and the people which isn’t easy to wipe clean. Littering changes a person’s character, concern of the environment, and people’s personal sense of direction. Littering can change a person’s character believe it or not.

Already in this society people do not take care of their own property and responsibilities as it is then you think they are going to take responsibility for an area or place that they do not pay for or own. All, people do not do certain things because it is not their job to do it even though it is the right thing to do. People will not take ownership of something that is not theirs, but if a person’s house was junky and someone asks why their how is junky they will tell you it is their place of ownership and they pay the bills so if they wanted to make the house junky they can which is true.

So if someone does not even keep their own property in check they will treat a property they do not own the same way. When people litter most of the time it is because they are lazy and do not care, also they feel someone else is going to pick up the trash that they have created. People will litter in front of fast food restaurants, grocery stores, malls, and anything convenient because they feel the people that work their are going to have to pick up the trash that they have in their parking lots.

Being outdoors with a lot of people someone is bound to be litter, litter leads to more litter and this is because people see what other people do and do the same thing and as long as the person they copied do not get in trouble for it then they will go right along and do the same thing. Even if a person is by themselves and see a lot of litter somewhere they will litter as well knowing someone has littered there before and the act would be justified because the person saw litter before he has littered.

This turns into laziness people can not even walk a couple feet to throw something in the trash, so instead the proper thing for that person to do is just throw it down just because the person did not feel like walking that far to throw an item away. The laziness can go very far it will not just affect the littering problem, but it can carry over to being lazy period not wanting to do anything. The little things can help just as much as it can hurt.

Becoming lazy developes that I do not care type attitude. Then that attitudes transfers over to changing into a more complex person to deal with. Laziness goes very far in life, people can determine a person’s attitude if its that hard to just walk a couple steps to throw something in the bin. Littering in certain communities make people give that certain area a judgmental look or thought about how the people do not care about where they live and why they do not do anything to change the way it is.

In the nice areas you see there is not much litter, people litter everywhere, but depending on the location, what is around it, and how the people in the area live, it is noticeable to tell where you are. Every city in the U. S has a higher class and a lower class of people in it which also means their are parts of the cities that are not like the other parts. The main goal is to get people everywhere to keep themselves and the community they live in, in a good shape and order. The change of mindsets on just littering itself can help turn a bad community into something better than what is was before. ittering can change an environment by leaving it there or picking it up either way you doing something good by it or bad.

Concerns with our environment is that when we litte makes our lands, roads, and cities look like we do not take care of ourselves and make it seem like we do not care about where we live. The city has created signs along the road that tells the people not to litter or a fine has to be added with your consequences. People litter anyways, people do not care, some even tear the sign down as a joke to show disrespect.

The fine cost of littering in North Carolina is from 250 to 500 dollars just for throwing a little cigarette or a little napkin you had from eating wendys. With people not caring about the laws of littering nor the consequences of littering, this is what make the community/area overflow with litter. This results in you seeing litter in the forest, on the highways, to our cities, to our neighborhoods, and in front of our yards. Then the city has to use up more energy to higher cleanup crews for the city.

Then when the cleanup crews begin they use a specific truck to pick up the trash with and that truck pollutes the air with the energy used to pick up the trash, so basically we have to pick the lesser of the two evils, but honestly we would not have to pick either one if people would stop littering their own streets. Some people think when they litter someone will clean up after them, sometimes they do most of the time the wind picks up the trash and carries it into some unknown place most of the times it is the wildlife that gets most of the litter that people throw to the ground.

Litter like plastic bags or anything with a lot of space can kills animals and when animals die they either decompose into the soil or our water, or they get eaten by other animals. Litter does not only kill animals but it attracts them that is why there are a lot of crows on the highway or some are flying above a forest. Littering affects the wildlife to, not just people. So littering messes up the community by making it look nasty and like we do not care, and it kills the animals that that live on the same earth as we do.

Littering costs a lot of money not doing it, but hiring people to clean it up when the person who littered could have just waited to dispose of it properly somewhere else. To clean up litter it costs over 11 billion dollars. That is a lot of money just to pick up cigarettes and little unused napkins from fast food restaurants, 11 billion dollars if littering was not possible think about how much use we could use the money in: it could go towards schools, taxes, jobs, and the community.

People complain a lot about taxes, but steady making it worse by throwing things to the ground. 11 billion dollars is a lot of money that could be put to use for things in this society that the people really need, but then again people do not care about littering, people thinks it is not affecting them, and they keep expanding the litter everywhere. There has been 75% of people that have admitted to littering in the past 5 years. Out of all the litter cleaned up 50% of the litter was cigarette butts.

Also this is a serious problem because how are cigarette butts taking up half of what people litter that is a lot of people smoking cigarettes, and think about it cigarette butts are really small once a person is done using it, and that person could not dispose of it properly or just simply put it in there ashtray or wait until they come upon a public ashtray, but instead people iust flick it down on the ground because they can not wait. 9 billion tons of litter is dumped into the ocean every year affecting the usage of our water and killing the underwater life.

People can not even go to the beach and enjoy the ocean water without catching diseases, seeing alligators, and being in water dirt. It takes about 11 billion dollars to clean up litter throughout the year, 11 million dollars just to pick up trash that people could just simply dispose of properly, that is a lot of money that could be put to better use instead of picking up trash that other people did not take care of properly. Statistics show that people take about 12 paces before littering, 12 paces is about 10 yards.

An average amount of people will only hold trash for a couple steps then just throwing it down. Throughout the year, the United States generates over 250 million of total trash, 250 million pieces of trash is a lot of trash to pick up just to keep another person’s community/area clean. There are 6 main items that you see being littered on the streets of your community. The trash being littered are fast food waste, paper, aluminum, glass, plastic, and others such as cigarettes butts or anything eople use to smoke.

Stats show that most trash being littered are fast food waste with 33% of it being littered, paper consumes up to 29%, aluminum has a percentage of 28%, glass contains 6% of what is being littered, plastic such as the bags you see on the highway take up 2%, and others including the cigarette butts are 2%. Littering also changes people’s sense of direction, and what i mean by this is that people will copy other people, and use that as an excuse to why they did what they did, like littering.

Walking with a group of people surrounded by a crowd of people, When one person litters the trend will continue then everybody will start to litter. Another thing that can change someone’s sense of direction is letting the person see a lot of litter in the ground already. If a person is walking and already sees an amount of litter his way that person is most likely going to litter in that same exact spot as everyone else did so it wou not seem like he is the only one that did it.

Now to prevent that from happening, nobody will litter in a place where there is not litter everybody needs to keep their own property clean first so if everybody has their property clean that means the community is clean, but if we allow our community to look a mess other people are not going to care just like the people who live in the community and add on the list of people who litter also adding more litter than usual. What one person does can affect the next person’s move. By that if majority of the people get themselves right others will do the same this society nowadays needs leaders cause everybody wants to follow.

If one sees another litter he will litter to, if one sees one helping, another will help as well. also by keeping our environment better by cleaning litter people are becoming better helpers and leaders and turning themselves into better people. Leaders are very important nobody will start something nowadays unless it has already been started so basically they are following, it is rare to find someone who will lead, and if someone could lead from just picking up trash more people can add on and contribute with the help.

Getting people to join is not the problem, the problem is finding that one person or group of people that will ead the way. So littering can affect people’s character, harm the environment or community that everyone lives in, and littering can change people’s sense of direction. Littering is so easy that it is one of the biggest problems that people do in the United States. Littering can do so much damage to this country, but people do not realize it. If we could decrease the number of litter that this country has so much could be done to this country in a better way that everyone can get their own satisfaction out of it, But to get that satisfaction all you have to do is STOP LITTERING YOU LAZY LITTERBUGS!!!!!.