Cissy Van Maxveldt Book Report

I was in school teaching a history class. I was teaching my students about the early 30s and 40s. As I was teaching, I saw an unfamiliar face walk into my classroom. It was a woman with brown hair tied back into a neat bun and she was wearing a grey pants suit. She looked like she was in her late 40s. I tried to ignore her while I was teaching. When the class ended, she came up to me and introduced herself. She said that her name was Liz and she worked for a company that dealt with time travel. She said that her company needed my help to protect the past.

At first I thought that the idea of time travel was ridiculous but then I asked why me. She mentioned that someone referred me to her saying that I was a history expert. She asked me to follow her to the place that she works in order to help. I was confused at first but I followed her without any questions. I got into my car and followed her. We arrive at this big building that looked like a huge science lab indoors. As I followed her into a building, I saw this huge circle with medal rings around it. I asked what that was and she said that was a time machine that I will be traveling in in a couple of minutes.

Once I saw the time machine, I slowly walked inside of it and took a seat in one of the medal chairs that were in it. I asked what time period I will be traveling to and she said that I will be traveling back to 1933 to try and prevent the holocaust from happening while defeating Adolf Hitler and the Nazis at the same time. I looked at her with wide eyes as I began to breathe rapidly. I was going back in time to try and stop a horrific event that was caused by a malicious man. At first I thought that this was a life risking idea but then I realized that if I go back in time, I can prevent a terrible event that caused millions of deaths.

As thoughts were going through my mind, I felt myself shaking. The time machine had been turned on and was ready for take off. The shaking of the time machine made me pass out. Next thing I knew, I woke up in 1933 in Germany. I slowly got out of the time machine and stepped on the ground. After being in that time machine for what felt like forever, I finally got to smell the fresh air and observe the environment around me. As I was observing, I saw a tiny girl reading on her porch. The girl was very skinny and she had short, dark brown hair.

The book she was reading was reading a novel that what part of a Dutch book series called Joop ter Heul novel series by Cissy van Marxveldt. Cissy van Maxveldt was a very popular author back then. I wanted to get closer to her but not too close. I walked a little closer towards her and I could see a tiny radio standing next to her on the ground. I heard the radio playing classical music. I remember that when I read Anne Frank’s Diary, it mentioned that she loved classical music and her favorite was Mozart. As I was geing closer, I heard people screaming and saw people running.

I looked behind me and saw a group of men wearing uniforms. They were taking people and putting them on trains. Their destinaions were concentration camps. This was the beginning of the Holocaust. I ran up to Anne Frank and told her to go into the annex along with her family. She was confused on what was going on but I told her to remain calm and to not make any noise if her and her family hears someone downstairs. I told reassured her that everything will be ok. As Anne and her family followed my rules, I was standing in the middle of their house trying to theink of a plan to stop this horrible event.

AN Hour later, I realized that the only way we can prevent this from being a huge tradegy where millions of people are killed, is to fight back with their own medicine. I ran up to Anne and her family and told them my plan. At first they were a little hesistant but as I persuaded them, they believed that this plan could work. I was a little scared myself, facing the devils and their leader but I knew this was for the greater good. I grabbed an object to use as a weapon and walked out of the house. I looked around only to see about five to ten Hitler’s soldiers, roaming around with huge weapons in their hands.

I suddenly got a feeling of fear. In my mind I thought that it was impossible to defeat them , but my heart said that anything is possible. I closed my eeys and took a ddep breathes as I started to distract the soldiers. I saw one of them running up to me and then minutes kater, they were all running up to me. I closed my eyes and tried to stay focus. All of a sudden , I felt myself kicking, punching and hitting heads. I opened my eyes and they were all laying on the ground breathless. I smiled to myself but as I thought I finally prevented the holocaust, I was facing a huge problem.

I felt a breath on my neck as if someone was standing an inch away from me. I turned around and saw Adolf Hitler standing there raging with anger. He rose his hand but before he could lay a finger on me, I knocked him out. I felt like my life flashed before myeyes. After I defeated them , I wet back to Anne and her family to tell them the good news. I ran back to the house and up to the annex. Once I made my way up the steady steps, I started talking breathlessly. Everyone told me to calm down and talk slower and so I did.

I told everyone that they have nothing to worry about anymore because I defeated evil. I heard everyone cheering and saw everyone smiling and hugging eachother. All of a sudden I felt a huge tight hug. I looked down and it was anne. I smiled at her and then said that I need to go back to my home. They all thanked me and watched me as I stepped back into the time machine. Just like before, I blacked out and a second later, I woke up in the lab that I was in before. Everyone was clapping and smiling at me. This is when I realized that I have changed history.