Classroom Management Philosophy Essay

My philosophy of classroom management and student engagement is to guide my students in a structured environment that allows them the opportunity to be successful, self-disciplined, respectful individuals in the classroom and out. Why students misbehave I believe students misbehave for several reasons; they may not know any better because they have not been taught to behave and respect, attention, avoidance, insecurity, and stress.

A classroom management plan is a conscious discipline plan that students can apply that would create an environment of mutual respect and learning that would have consequences if not followed. Why an effective classroom management plan is important Having a positive behavior intervention and support (PBIS) approach is proactive to establishing behavioral supports and social culture and needed for all students in all schools to achieve social, emotional and academic success.

Having this behavior system approach would improve the environment in which teaching and learning occurs. If I can get rid of or at least reduce the aggression, violence, threats and intimidation in my classroom by establishing expectations of common respect and teaching what that means and the students abide by this, then I can consider this effective. Correlation between effective management plan and student engagement “Management is good if you want compliance, but if you want engagement, self-direct is better” (Miller, 2012).

If we want to engage our students we should utilize activities they are in charge of, something they can call their own. We should also use a rubric so they know what is expected of they so they know how to master their skills. If we create a purpose for our students they will engage more as well. Classroom management plans affects whom The classroom management has the largest effect on the student achievement. Students need a safe, quiet, nurturing, organized, learning environment with a “balance between teacher actions that provide clear consequences for nacceptable behavior and teacher actions that recognize and reward acceptable behavior” (Marzano & Marzano, 2003).

Teachers that maintain a healthy relationship with their students have fewer discipline issues. Personal experiences that shaped my philosophy of classroom management Working in a school system currently, I see things that I would want to see changed as a teacher to make learning more effective for the students. I see how some students struggle and other teachers do not see this, or chose not to address it and they just keep going. This really frustrates me.

My understanding of a teacher is to help students understand and succeed, but then I see these teachers who have been here for many years and it seems like they are just going through the motions and not really caring if the students are catching on or not. It really hurts, and scares me. This also motivates me even more to become a teacher so I can help these students that the others teachers are overlooking. Having worked in the school has also helped build relationships with the students that is important to help them feel comfortable, the more comfortable they feel the more learning will occur.

My theoretical perspective I believe that my personal theory aligns to a constructivist. That being said I want students to learn real world studies with hands-on approaches. If I want students to do real world things, then I need to outline them clearly and model expectations. I also want the students to feel safe in my classroom and feel that I am there for them and will listen to what they actually have to say. My philosophy on student engagement impacting classroom management “Classroom management is the heart of teaching and learning in school setting.

A well-managed classroom can provide an exciting and dynamic experience for everyone involved”(Adeyemo, 2012). Good classroom management is not only the cooperation of the students minimizing the misconduct, but the teacher is able to intervene effectively and that more academics are occurring and less misconduct due to the classroom management system designed to maximize student engagement in activities. “Many times, by encouraging behavior that is more positive and uplifting in one classroom, the behavior will carry on into other classrooms, taking the safe environment further than one classroom” (Adeyemo, 2012).

Having a safe, positive, nurturing learning environment affects students emotional and social outcomes as well as their achievements. “When teachers do not tolerate disrespect both among students and between the students and teacher, they set the standard for their classroom and students feel more encouraged to participate and take risks in the classroom” (Adeyemo, 2012). This is the reason classroom environment is just as important as establishing classroom management strategies. My philosophy compared to media portrayal of education

I would have to say that relationships between a teacher and students are very important and that a teacher will need to deal with behaviors immediately. Media has portrayed teachers in both a goofy light where they are more of a “student/friend” than a teacher or in a very strict by the book regime teacher, where there is no giving. I want student that come into my classroom to feel comfortable and I want them to know that I am not perfect, I am only human and may make mistakes and understand if they make mistakes and will not hold that against them.

We will learn together. The implementation of technology and my philosophy Technology is a great thing and the use of technology in the classroom can take us places that we may never get to go via the internet, skyping, or other network programs. If we implement technology in the classroom by utilizing skyping to learn a foreign language, or the internet to travel back in time for history class or even video taping a speech and class critiquing it will allow for creativity and inspire students to utilize technology.

Using technology will also inspire students but require setting clear expectations for use of technology and modeling positive infusion of technology. Conclusion In conclusion my philosophy of classroom management and student engagement is to guide students in a structured, safe, environment that allows them the opportunity to be successful. I want to ensure students have autonomy, within the expectations of respect and responsibility This environment helps all learners gain and maintain relationships with other students and adults while engaging in realistic, thoughtful and collaborative activities.