Classroom Observation Paper

Classroom Observation, Discussion with Teacher, and Analysis
In this paper I will discuss an observation and the developmental needs of a small group of older twos. First I will discuss the observation of Mrs. Nicole’s two-year-old classroom. Which focus on the social-emotional atmosphere and the challenging behaviors. Next I will focus on the social-emotional atmosphere, the curriculum and the proposed objectives. The objectives support the curriculum, which can be a major part of a child’s development.
I observed Mrs. Nicole two-year-old classroom. I entered the classroom around 9:00am and stayed until 9:35am. Mrs. Nicole has eight children on roll. All eight were present by the end of the observation. Mrs. N had a new student to join…

N comforted her new friend she, asked him questions and found out what interested him. He really liked trains, so she engaged with him through play. While in the classroom, I was able to observe her engaging with all her students. She tried to engage with each of her students, showing interest in their pretend world. While asking questions and sometimes assisting in problem solving. Overall Mrs. N classroom produced an impressive social-emotional classroom atmosphere.
She molded a positive approach to learning and a positive behavior. Which increased student’s independence while providing structure, and encouragement in a child’s pretend world. During my observation I didn’t come across any challenging behaviors. Although I can’t say Mrs. N don’t experience them throughout the day. I just didn’t observe them at the present moment. Therefore, some helpful strategies can always come in handy, when you want to sustain quality child care and a positive environment.
In order to regulate a child’s own emotions and behaviors you have to state rules in a positive manner, Letting Jamie know our bottoms are for chairs not tables. Letting children help keep create the rules encourages them to engage and feel a sense of independence. While doing daily routines talk with students about their feelings. Jamie you seem upset about not getting to the bike, maybe Daniel will throw ball with you until your turn. I always say inspire emotion talk, and watch a friendship…