Entertainment In The Victorian Era

In the Victorian Era entertainment was the best thing. If you worked hard all day in the house or the field and you wanted relief. You would just find something to entertain you and your family. There were all kinds of things but here is the most popular one. You could go to the field and play sports or go to the field and hunt. Then you could also go to town and go to the theater. There they acted in plays and you could watch or perform.

Also in theater you told listen to people tell jokes and you and your family could have a great ole time. Here is a famous joke from Wilde “the world is a stage, but the play is badly cast”. Then the last thing of entertainment was music. Music was popular, and it still is today. Some people had personal music boxes and others just sang to one another. But they also went to theater so singing was a big thing back then and still is. They told jokes in theater, here is an example what do you call a cow with no legs GROUND BEEF.

This was in the theater. Theater was one of the three most popular things they did (Temperley).. They did plays like Gilbert’s operettas, they also went to theaters to listen to Wilde’s commodes s(Temperley).. They did not do any stuff like Shakespeare. Some Actors such as William Macready, Charles Kean, and Henry Irving, played in Shakespearean roles (Temperley). Stage was the dramatization novels (Temperley). Charles Dickens’s as we know from many productions and series (Temperley)..

We show enduring popularity on stage (Temperley). Two non-legitimate forms are represented (Temperley). Melodrama, with its characteristic use of music to accompany heightened speech and action, arose in about 1800; it is no longer with us, though it passed after 1900 to the cinema screen, in silent films and beyond. It has proved to be more durable, and still survives as a family entertainment for the English Christmas season (Temperley). Victorian sports in the victorian era was and still is fun play them today (Arnstein).

There was hunting trapping fishing cricket and track sports and also rowing (Arnstein). Such games became increasingly common outside schools and universities during the mid-Victorian years, an era of athletic consolidation, bureaucratization, and regulation (Arnstein). They played golf tee ball and all kinds of fun sports. Such games became increasingly common outside schools and universities during the mid-Victorian years, an era of athletic consolidation, bureaucratization, and regulation (Arnstein).

Thus began the British Open golf championship (1860), the Marquess of Queensberry rules for boxing (1867), the Football Association Cup (1871), the County Cricket Championship (1873), and the first World Tennis Championship at Wimbledon for men (1877) and women (1884) (Arnstein). Victorian years: cycling, swimming, cricket, golf, mountaineering, fencing, boxing, wrestling, skating, curling, ice-hockey, boating, yachting, carriage-driving, horse-racing, steeple-chasing, archery, falconry, shooting, football, track and field, billiards, tennis, racket-ball, fishing, and hunting (Arnstein).

The sports they played we play today like fishing, and hunting we do it today but, we do it differently (Arnstein). We hunt to have fun and get food in the victorian era they only hunted for fun (Arnstein). Usually we play the sports in a club or in a proper way. Analogously, Women might be found involved in them, both as spectators and as participants Arnstein). Victorian leisure had become a big business (Arnstein). The first Football Association (FA) Cup was played in 1871 and football kept people healthy and to encourage a sense of fair play (Arnstein).

Not that successful and free kicks (1877) and penalty kicks (1891) had to be on foul play (Arnold). It is almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of music in the lives of the Victorians, from those in high society to the working classes, and across the nation (Bashford).. In a world that had only limited methods of mechanically reproducing sounds in the home (such as musical boxes), hearing live music performed was a precious thing, to be cherished forever (Bashford).

But most people did not seek only to be entertained by professional musicians, they delighted in making music themselves. (Bashford). The series of affordable scores of choral repertoire issued by the music publisher Novello and Co. (some of which are on display) serviced much of the ever-growing demand for parts for amateur choirs (Bashford). Likewise, thousands of songs and piano pieces, in styles ranging from the high serious to the popular, were composed and published for the amateur market, which was growing fast, in tandem with increasingly affordable parlor pianos (Bashford).

Victorians went to theaters to listen to music (Bashford). They went to eith sing or listen either way you heard the wonderful music (Bashford). Some families had music boxes you could stay at home get comfortable and listen to music in a box. Also families played karaoke they sang to their families neighbors and had all kinds of fun (Bashford). Board games families loved board games they could stay at home and entertain themselves and their families. Victorian games were fun (Arnold).

Dices were not used in board games, but dices were more associated with gambling (Arnold). Tables was a board game (Arnold). It is believed to have been derived in 1645. “Treatise on Backgammon” (Arnold). Checkers was another fun game (Arnold). They board games we play today were similar to the games in the victorian era. The victorian entertainment was important and is still important to us today because we still do the stuff they did. If they did not create the games and stuff and make them popular, we would not have the same and fun games.

The people in the victorian era or the rich people had all or most games for guest that came to their mansions. They had board games like the board games we had today and we still do all the same entertainment stuff. We all have fun with our families with board games with our families like they did because it is very fun. The victorian entertainment is important because we would not have fun entertainment today. And today we need entertainment and then they needed entertainment because we work hard and do a lot of things for our families.