Victorian Jewelry

The quaintness and eccentricity of some of the jewels, particularly from among the less expensive lines, was partly a reflection of the mood of the times but was also the result of trading conditions (Hinks6). Jewelry makers produced new ideas every season, whether they were practical or idiot because the competition between domestic rivals was so intense. Jewelry was worn in a spirit of fun but also reflected their owners characteristics and moods. For example, jewelry modeled with bulls and bears announced hat their wearer was a stock broker. Different varieties of jewelry also reflected certain occasions.

Jewelry was also worn for good luck purposes. Talismans such as four-leaf clovers and lucky pigs are me lucky beans said to bring good luck to their owners when they were worn (Hinks 8). Trinkets were worn indicating the wearers religion and loyalties. The custom of wearing a certain jewelry formourning purposes arised and relaxed during the 17th century. The late Victorian period was a time of happy hunting for jewelry collectors.

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