Creative Writing: The Four Pink Pigs Essay

Once upon a time there were four pigs and two wolfs. In the deep dark woods, outside of New York.
There was Petty, she was a pink pig. She was the nicest pig and the youngest. She had one sister and two mean brothers.
There was Betty, she was a pink pig with black dots. She liked to get work done unlike her brothers. She had two mean, bossy, selfish brothers and one nice, funny, respectful sister.
There was Benny, he was a pink pig. He was mean to his sisters because he thought they shouldnt be with boys. He had two sisters and one funny brother.
Then there was Kenny, he was a pink pig with black dots. He was the oldest, bossiest, and the meanest. He had two sisters and one brother.
There was Karry, she had white fur. She had a husband named…

But first, lets go and ram into this house then, we will raid it!”Said Kenny.
“Look there’s a wolf inside the house!”Screamed Petty.
“Lets see if its still alive.”Said Benny.
Then, the pigs went to Kenny was first cause hes the leader. Then Larry woke up, he found the pigs standing around him. He screamed.
“We captured you.”Said Benny.
“I think we have a good snack.”Said Kenny.
Then, the pigs went on a walk and spotted Karry’s house. She was sitting on the porch of her house. She suddenly seen the pigs with Larry. Then she ran into her house to hide.
“Were here so just come out.”Shouted Kenny.“We can do it the easy way, or the hard way. Your choice.”Screamed Kenny!
So Karry wanted to go the hard way. So then, the pigs started to ram into the house. Then, Kenny went with all his speed and knocked the house down.
“We did it!”Screamed Petty.
And the pigs had a party. It had to involve mud. Because thats what pigs roll around in at their party.
Then the pigs had a little to much fun at their party. Then, the next morning after the party the pigs got caught by the police. They went to jail for five days for murder and for having a party after they murdering the wolfs.
The wolfs were never…