Creative Writing: The Haunted House Essay

We played in the woods until dark. The moon cast an eerie glow on the trees as we ran around. A bat flew overhead and I ducked. It was my turn to count for hide -n- seek. “One, two, three four, fi- Aaaaahhhhh. What was that?” I asked myself outloud. I began in the direction of the screams when I came upon a house. The front door was wide open. I saw someone dash across the opening. Then the screaming began again. “Aaaaahhhh! Help us Alex! We’re in here!” The sound was clearly coming from the house. I took a hesitant step forward. And another and another until I reached the house. Almost all the windows were shattered and the shutters hung by a single hinge.

The moon cast a frightening shadow on the house making it seem inhabited by an unfriendly guest. I was more nervous than ever. When I reached the steps I debated with myself whether to go in the house and find my friends. I take another step. Creek! The stairs dip under my weight. I grab onto the handrail but it falls to the ground with a thud. Another scream from upstairs grabs my attention. I push open the door a little wider and take a step. A rush of cold air circulates around me. I feel goosebumps prickling up my arms and legs. I walk slowly to the nearby staircase. They creak under me as I start to ascend. With every step I get more frightened.

Then I finally reach the top. The upper level is divided into two sections. Right and left. I decided on right. I walked into the first room and was surprised to see nothing. All the rooms seemed to be connected by smaller doorways in the corners for a smaller being to get through easier. Shadows danced off walls making figures appear. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw blond hair connected to a pale figure pass by in the hallway. I immediately run after it silently, thinking it was my best friend Sam. I turn into the hallway and see her dart down the stairs. “Sam! Wait!”

She doesn’t listen. She was off onto the main floor and into what once would have been a living area. When I arrived, she was hiding behind a chair that was still standing up even after all the termites chewed through two other legs and were working on a third. “Sam, why are you in this creepy old house? I think we need a rule saying “No hiding in creepy old houses and scaring people half to death!” All she did was play with her hair. A large thud sounded from upstairs which grabbed her attention. “We have to get out of here now.” Was all she said.

“What was that, Sam?” I ask, clearly frightened. She didn’t say anything and that’s when I noticed how pale she had gotten and the large bags under her eyes. “Okay then.” I said. “But what about our friends?” She looked up. “They aren’t hiding here.” Was all she said. Help! “What was that Sa- “Go, go, go! He’s coming!” “Who’s coming?” “Just GO!” She yelled. We ran all the way out of the forest and into town. It was a good three mile sprint. “What about our friends?” I asked. “I already told you. They aren’t in there. But they are still in the forest.” She noticed my grim expression.

“Oh, they’re fine we can go and get them tomorrow.” She said with an uneasy smile. “Where exactly are they in the woods?” I asked. I could tell Sam wasn’t telling me something. I went home scared half to death. I got in the middle of mom and dad not trusting my dreams were going to be pleasant. I fell asleep quickly and tried to think about anything happy and cheerful. Like the time I learned all my times tables at age six. Or how I got a scholarship to go to a math and science camp. Possibly the time my birthday party was canceled because I was “sick with the flu.” I never wanted that party to happen because mom invited my whole grade. Even the boys! Well that was in fifth grade and I hope that never happens again.

Or how I got a cast for helping a kitten that was blind cross the road even though I tripped on a rock and broke my wrist. And volunteering at the library for two hours every day for three years. These thoughts filled my dreams and I began to replay them as if they were happening right before my eyes. I awoke to rain on my window and thunder that could shake the house. I poured milk and cereal into my bowl and stood up to go and get a spoon. A large thud coming from the kitchen grabbed my attention. I walked in and saw Sam soaking wet pounding on the window. “Sam, what are you doing here?”

“We need to go back to that house in the woods.” I was speechless on why she would want to go back. Even before we heard those thuds from the second floor. “No. I’m not going with you. Even if our friends are there. They probably know how to get out of a house by themselves.” Sam replied, “We need to help them. They are in grave danger. If we don’t help them soon, they won’t come out of that house alive.” I thought it over for awhile. “What do you mean, “they won’t come out of that house alive? It’s not like you come back after you die.” I reply. Sam gives me a hesitant look but continues on.

“Nevermind that right now. We need to go soon. Get some supplies. Like a knife or scissors.” “Why? Oh I know. It’s because they are in the living room knitting and they just got done making a super long scarf. They need the scissors or a knife to cut the yarn.” “Now is not the time for jokes, Alex.”

“Okay, okay but let me go get my dad because it seems serious enough.” “No, don’t get him. We need to go alone.” “Fine, but I’m bringing my phone and if anything, and I mean ANYTHING creepy or weird happens, I’m leaving.” “Okay, fine.”

Chapter Two We left my house with a letter opener and a pair of dull safety-scissors. Not my ideal weapons but Sam said they’d do. As we walked down the driveway, old lady Rhonda stopped us. “Where do you think your goin’ wit duz weapons?” “To mom’s work.” I replied.

Sam breathed a sigh of relief when old lady Rhonda said, “Okay, you gers be carefull and don’t you go by that creepy old house in de woods.” What old lady Rhonda said was shocking. How could she know that’s exactly where we’re going? Sam replied, “How do you know about that house?”

“Not a reason you need to know. Now let me warn ya again, don’t go near that house after 4 o’clock in afternoon. You got dat?” “Yes Mrs. Rhonda.” We replied in unison. We started our way in the opposite direction because it was clear Rhonda was watching us closely. “Let’s go this way.” Sam said.

“Are you sure we should go? You know, after what Rhonda said?” “It’s fine, Alex. We just need to go get our friends.” “Wait Sam, how do you know they need help? Ooooooohhhhhhhhh, are you telepathic or can predict the future?” I laughed at my own joke and Sam started sprinting as we reached the edge of the forest. We were about to enter when Rhona jumped out of a nearby bush. “Gers, what are you doin’ over here by the entrance to the woods? Yer mama’s work is clear on de other side of town. You gers have no business being here. Now go back to yer house!” Rhonda made us run to the other side of town as a punishment. It was a good three mile sprint. When we got home, we were soaked in perspiration. “I’m gonna go get some water for us.” I said.

“What did you think you were going to do in those woods, young lady?” Mom said. “We were just going to play hide-n-seek.” I replied. “Then what were you doing with scissors and a letter opener? “Cut some flowers for you?” “You are grounded for two weeks. Go to your room. I’m sorry Sam but I’m gonna have to take you home now.” “Okay. Can you drop me off at the gas station on 6th street?” Sam says from the living room. “Yeah okay. Are you sure? I can drop you off at your house.” “No it’s fine, really.” I hear her whisper.

“Okay. Well I’ll see you tomorrow.” Sam replies, “Okay. Bye Mrs. Alex!” “Bye!”

Chapter Three Sam’s P.O.V. After I said bye to Mrs. Alex, I started off towards the woods. When I reached the woods, Rhonda jumped out at of a bush, again. “Come on Sam, I’ll take you home.” Rhonda said, not even surprised I was here again. We started walking when we came to the house.

“Well I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, Rhonda.” “Yes you will. Tell yer uncle to stop scarin’ people.” “I’ll try.” “Okay good. I don’t need anymore people disappearing.” I walked into the house and yelled for mom but no one answered. I walked into the kitchen and started looking for food. “Grandma! I found your weird potion in the fridge! You know, the one you’ve been looking for! It’s in a green bottle!” I said. “Oh, thank you deary.” My grandmother said from behind the fridge door. “Grandma, you scared me!”

“Okay. Well your mother is upstairs. Look in the tunnels. Okay?” “Okay.” I replied as I started up the stairs. When I reached the top, I made sure to listen to make sure Uncle didn’t come home early. When I didn’t hear any screams of fright from uncle’s victims, I started into the first room. “Mom. Where are you? Uncle’s not here so we don’t need to hide.” I said as I went through all the passages, but no sign indicated mom was here. “Mom! Where are you!” I said as I made it to another living area. “MO-”

“Shhh. Look over there.” Mom pointed to the far side of the living room to five bodies laying near the couch. “What are they doing here, UNCONSCIOUS!” “Apparently they were playing hide -n- seek and they decided to hide in our house.” I was at a loss of words. Once (if they ever were released) they went back into the outside world, they would discover our secret. “We have to make sure Uncle doesn’t find them!” I said.