Essay on Creative Writing: The Crack Of Dawn

The Crack Of Dawn….. By Dean Fearon Walking, out of the door, I saw the moon in the distance. Harmlessly, I stood there sobbing the moon, was glistening as bright as the sun would and It was so luminous I could see the reflection of myself and the monstrous red creature in the shadows of the snowy woods. I couldn’t think straight as the scenes of people being murdered replayed over and over in my dismayed head, and the sounds of dogs howling as they were searching for us, the meant to be perished people that had escaped that cerebral place.

Turning, back into the abandoned wooden house I shut the door only to hear the thunderous echo of the door slam, through the house. I walked towards my younger brother Marlon, stood there shivering as we walked to the first room the sunless dim house. In the room there was rotten black leather couch with blood and gruesome bugs all over it. The couch looked like it had been pierced open like the necks of the departed people who didn’t manage to escape like us. The couch was sobbing as it laid there worn out, it looked as though it had been there for 1000 years old.

Spinning my head, I fixed my eyes upon Marlon his eyes filled with tears as he looked upon the house and set his eyes on the TV on the wall, Marlon was devastated because the TV had been split and cracked through the screen as it laid there slanted. As the TV lay their slanted on the wall Marlon switched it on only to see the plug socket lit up in flames as the sparks flew everywhere, me and Marlon raced out of the room as fast as car going down the motorway. “What was I thinking? ” Marlon pleaded running away his eyed filled like the River Nile because of the sight of smoke and flames.

“You will be ok though it will only be a little shock. Max explained. Mysteriously, we carried on walking along the corridor, the walls were painted with a matte black paint that had splodges of blood and scratchers all over it, the scratches made me think of that monster again in the snowy woods. On the wall I saw a portrait, this picture showed a red creature with a colossal head, its skin was the darkest red and its arms were as long as two snakes lurking the sundrenched deserts they were also covered in blood like it had already been hunting for the people of this uninhabited snowy wood. At the end of its arms were almost like knives keen edged finger nails.

Continuously scurrying to the end of the corridor and up the crooked warped stairs I went into an oxidized deep-rooted room I spotted a young woman on the floor of the room next to a bust bed with dejected up wood. The girl looked as though she had been put in a blender. Her hair was a beautiful blonde but it was all over the place. “Hey, what are you doing? ” examine the young woman. “I’ll explain what is happening with me and my brother later. ” Max countered. “I was attacked by an enormous red ruby creature in the snowy woods it looked at me with its incandescent yellow eyes, by the way my names Sam”. She responded. I have seen the creature on the picture over through the hallway”.

Max explained. After a long conversation with Sam I found out that the creature is called a Wendingo and how it can be summoned through death of life and it takes the soul of who it may be. Worryingly I squealed for Marlon to tell him about the creature they call the Wendingo this summoned demon. Marlon looked towards Sam and gaze at Sam and his eyes lit up like stars in the night sky. “Hey I’m Sam I have been living and l creeping around these snow covered woods for weeks know and I have learnt that, that creature isn’t alone somebody has to of summoned it.

I wonder who it is. ”She wondered. Running out of the house as the shrieking of the Wendingo come through my ears like the delicate sound of beautiful music sent shivers down my spine. As we carried on scampering through the woods I could hear the sound of a skull crashing against the snow. As we turned the corner I saw the Wendingo and attempting to escape the monster it swept up Marlon and decapitated his head off. His flesh was being savaged to upon and was now in chunks. I looked at my younger brother and knew there was nothing I could do but run as there was no time to waste.

The Wendingo took its eyes off the flesh of Marlon and turned to Sam and I, the creature dived upon us, like a shark hunting its prey , the violent monster grabbed Sam and grabbed he towards its razor-sharp teeth as they gleamed and I looked back and before I knew it only the bones of Sam remained and the Wendingo looked at me and smiled and I smiled by me and my demon had done what we knew we could and killed everybody in the wood and know we could go to rest. I and the Wendingo danced along to the cave and when we reached the cave sadly i had to put the delicate creature to rest and now I am broken.