Creative Writing: Mario And Peaches Essay

One sunny Saturday in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, with a temperature of 92* F, The Kiyah family of monkeys went to the beach as soon as their breakfast of bananas and eggs was over. Kiyah made sure to feed Mario and Peaches (both goldfish) but forgot to feed Mickey(the cat). “I’ll be home later and I’ll feed you guys again. Have fun but not too much fun, do not destroy the house. And I am serious guys. ” Mickey begins to tell her she forgot about him, but as he is saying his first three words she slams the door shut. Mario is the oldest goldfish.

He was blind in his left eye and Peaches was his best friend. Mario was 3 years old and Peaches was only 1 12. Peaches was missing part of her right fin because she was born in a shark attack, in which she lost almost half of her fin and it never grew back. Kiyah and her family found Mario and Peaches when they were fishing. Kiyah was using a net while her father and mother were using the rods. She didn’t want to hurt the animals so she said she wasn’t using the rod. Kiyah did not want to hurt animals because she felt like they were put on the Earth for a reason.

As soon as Kiyah woke up she fed Mario and Peaches a breakfast of fish food. When she first woke up she did not see Mickey so she didn’t put any food out for him. She stepped outside to feel how hot it was to see if she wanted to go to the beach or if she wanted to stay home. When she stepped back in she went to put on her bathing suit because she was going to go to the beach. “Good morning mom. Good morning dad. How did you guys sleep? ” “We slept fine sweetheart. Are we going to the beach today? ” Mom asked. Kiyah replies with “Yes, it is extremely hot today.

Is that ok with you? ” Mom says “Sure is. ” Mario was swimming around in his bowl when Peaches woke up. She came outside of her room and said “Good Morning” to him. Mario replied with “Good Morning Best Friend”. Mickey began getting upset because Kiyah forgot to feed him before she left. Mickey started to complain and whine and make a big scene to call attention to himself. Little did he know, the attention he is about to receive is not what he wanted. “You need to stop complaining.

I’m so tired of hearing you whine and complain, just be quiet man. says Mario. When this happened, Mickey got upset and says “Why are you worried about me anyways go back in your room and you won’t have to listen to me. ” Mickey lied down on the couch next to Mario and just watched him, because he knew he was going to be there for a while. When Peaches finally went back in her room after eating breakfast and having a very long conversation with Mario about how each other slept, Mickey knocked over Mario’s bowl watched him suffer without water, then used his claws to pick him up gently and Mickey ate Mario.

Peaches heard the sudden crash so she came out to with a nervous look on her face to see if everything is okay and make sure that noone was hurt. When she saw that nothing is wrong and does not think anyone is hurt, she begins to question Mickey. ” What happened? What did you do? ” Mickey had ran out of the other room where he ate Mario and when she asked him, he said he did not know. Peaches turned to ask Mario and realized he was not there. His bowl was on the ground and he was nowhere to be seen.

Peaches begins to worry and ask Mickey “Where is Mario, and why in the world is his bowl shattered on the ground? “. Mickey says “I really do not know. Is he okay? “. Peaches starts swimming in circles panicking and is constantly asking Mickey if he has seen him. Mickey says no every time and Peaches soon gets very upset she begins to cry. When Mickey sees this he feels really bad for lying to her but he thinks that if he lies to her he won’t lose her friendship. He liked being friends with Peaches because she was really kind and caring and when he was upset she was there to make him feel better.

Peaches knows that Mario and Mickey didn’t really get along very well, so she knew he had something to do with Mario’s disappearance. When he sees how upset she really is he knows he has to tell her what really happened. When he comes out and tells her what happened and why it happened, she begins to cry even harder. He looks at her and apologizes for lying. “I’m really sorry for hurting your best friend He and I really do not want to lose you as a friend. ” She is one of the very few friends that he has. She looks at her and says “ Never talk to me again.

I can’t believe you lied to me and you killed my best friend all in the same day. How selfish of you. ” He looks at her and says ” I’m sorry Peaches, I understand he was your best friend and everything but he has not liked me since the day they brought him home and it got to a point where i couldn’t take it anymore. I understand if you want me to leave you alone. Now i have to explain all of this to Kiyah and her family when they get home. ” Peaches just wipes her face and goes into her room and pretends like she never met him. When Kiyah and her family get back from the beach, they automatically order pizza.

A long day at the beach deserves some good ole’ pizza. ” Kiyah cleans up the water and the broken glass off of the floor and sits down next to Mickey and asks “Hey Mick, what happened and where is Mario? “. When he tells her the story she gets upset and begins crying. She throws him outside and tells him to get lost. He is standing outside on the porch for a while hoping she didn’t mean it and she would let him back in. In about 10 minutes he begins to walk away because he realizes she isn’t going to change her mind about him, and he really does need to find another home.

Maybe I will find a family with no fish so I won’t have to go through this. Maybe they won’t put me out after forgetting to feed me”. Mickey says to himself as he is walking away. He keeps walking and never looks back, because he knows that there is no return. In the end, Mickey realizes that if he would have just been honest to Peaches from the start he would not have lost her as a friend. He also realizes that if he would have just talked to Mario and found out why Mario did not like him, none of this would have ever happened.