Essay on Creative Writing: I Knew My Mother?

“You knew my mother? “I questioned. Not many people knew her after she married Bruce. She was always locked away in his house. She only rarely got to go out anywhere. She was locked up because of me. I took away her freedom. I was her only mistake. The mistake she made when she was sixteen. I was not her mate’s daughter and therefore he hated me. He wanted me to suffer and he did such a good job at it. I couldn’t help the tears that had started to fall down my cheek. It seemed like I was trying to be so strong for the sake of someone else. “She was our daughter.

You, Indiana Sophia-Rose Blairwood, are my granddaughter. ” She smiled. Richard took his wife’s hand and they looked at me. I smiled knowing for sure that there were still nice people in the world. “ALPHA, Alpha Hunter from the Red Scar pack has treaded on to our territory. ” A man said as he ran into the kitchen. “Well, let him come. I want to meet my granddaughter’s mate. ” He growled. I looked at him and he visibly calmed down and smiled for the first time. Moments later the door was knocked down. My mate’s wolf was out and he did not look very happy. Alpha Hunter, I do not like the fact that you barged into my house. Do you not have any manners? ” my grandfather said edging him on. Sophia looked at him with bewilderment. Was he crazy? Why wasn’t he in wolf form? “I do not want to fight pup, so lets talk man to man. ” my grandfather finished. Hunter changed into his human form and didn’t bother to put any clothes on before coming towards me. ” How dare you keep my mate from me? You should have called me.

Why is my mate crying? ” Hunter barked toward my grandfather. ” And you, come here right now. I’m not leaving without you. He yelled. I looked toward my grandfather and waited for his appoval, before stepping forward and hugging Hunter. He seemed to calm down a little and allow me to hand him some clothes. ” Come on. We’re leaving,” he said grabbing my hand. “No. We’re not leaving. I don’t want to leave yet. ” I whispered. My mate got dangerously close to me and growled. “You do not have much of a choice. ” I looked up at my grandfather and waited for him to say something. ” Alpha Hunter, maybe we should talk before you leave. ” my grandfather spoke up. “Why should I talk to you? You kept my mate from me.

You are an enemy, and I don’t care how much stronger you are, I’ll murder you if you come near her again. ” Hunter barked. He was irritated. He was so angry at me that it scared me a little. He was still really sexy though. “Because she is my granddaughter, and I won’t hand her over to you without talking to you first. ” My grandfather said. His authority was overpowering. My mate was strong, but nowhere near as strong as my grandfather. Now that I think about it, I remember my mother telling me how her father was most powerful alpha in the whole world. I guess that would make Hunter the second most powerful one.

My mate looked shocked before nodding and following my grandfather down the hallway. I looked at my grandmother and she gave me a look telling me that it would be okay. I knew I had to trust her. I knew that it might be okay. She reminded me of my mother. That’s how I knew that she could never do anything to hurt me or my mate. [Hunter’s Pov] When I got back and realized she wasn’t there, my heart sank. Did Bruce somehow get into the perimeter without my knowledge. I quickly ran downstairs following her scent. It went out of the backdoor and into the woods, I followed it. It ended somewhere by the river.

She must have masked her scent, but why would she do that? Maybe someone was keeping her hostage somewhere. Maybe someone helping Bruce? Maybe someone found her and wanted to return her to me, but wouldn’t they have called already? I really hoped she was okay. For her sake, she better had been kidnapped, because if she ran away she was going to be punished. When I got further into the woods I realized that this might not be a good idea. Going into another alpha’s territory without permission was challenging that alpha, and if she wasn’t here, I would have challenged him for nothing.

I was about to turn around and go back to see if | could ask around, when I caught a whiff of strawberries and bannanas. “Mate,” my wolf growled angrily. He wanted her back and I could sense it. I had to do it. I had to run into this alpha’s territory. I feared that if I didn’t my mate’s small fragile body would be ripped to shreds because she smelled of another wolf. Me. When I got a bit closer I could hear barking and the scared panting of my mate. I couldn’t see her though. All I could see was four wolves looking up and running toward the city. Crazy pups.

My mate couldn’t be that strong after everything she had been through right? I looked up when I smelt her again and gasped. My fragile little mate was jumping from tree to tree 19: trying to get into the city. A part of me was proud and another part of me was scared for her safety and angry that she was putting herself in danger like this. I ran up and took out one of the wolves, but she didn’t notice. Her eyes trained on the city and using all of her strength, what little she had, she grabbed the tree branch carefully and swung herself into the city. Damn she was strong.

I instantly knew why she was to be my luna. She could take a licking and keep on ticking. In her state, she looked to be a beautiful warrior goddess. She laid in the road for a minute, my wolf and I worried that she had somehow hurt herself, but before I could take a step toward her she ran. She ran right into Alpha Richard and his wife Sophia. I watched as the scene unfolded in front of me and my mate got into a stranger’s car. I was about to shift back and run to get her when a couple of wolves surrounded me. They weren’t the ones chasing my mate though. Idiots.

Can’t they see I was trying to get my mate back? ” Move. ” I growled. I didn’t know how much more my wolf could take. Here he was trying to get his mate back and these idiots were making my life harder. The wolves circled me. What disrespectful pups. Didn’t they know how to act when in the prescense of an alpha. Wait a minute, not my territory.. DAMN. I guess I’m going to have to use force. “Why are you in this territory Alpha Hunter? ” Alpha Richard’s beta demanded. Oh so he honestly thought he could scare me into telling him. “You have someone who belongs to me.

Tell your alpha, that I’m coming for her. ” I said as I ran off in the direction my mate went in. I didn’t need a fight on my hands right now. I just wanted my mate back. I ran toward the alpha’s house and I knew that those pups would never be able to get near me with my speed. The only way that the Beta would get there before me is if he knew a shortcut. He probably did. Maybe Richard should have taught the rest of them better. I burst through the doors to the mansion and ran to her scent. I looked up to see my mate smiling and crying.

Really? She was smiling while I was the angriest person in the world. Well, it was nice to see her smile. I’ll tell you that much, but right now it was time for me to be serious. She needed to know that this wasn’t a game and she couldn’t just leave my territory without my permission. After exchanging a few words with Richard I was taken aback. My mate was the granddaughter of the most powerful alpha and Luna in the world and she wasn’t even a wolf? I followed Richard down the hallway. We entered his study and he shut the door behind us.