Essay about Classroom Observation

“In an effective classroom students should not only know what they are doing. They should also know why and how. ” Harry Wong is an educational speaker that tries to help teachers be able to not only educate their students, but also teach them how to comprehend and logically think. Even at Tell City Jr. -Sr. High School, there are a variety of different types of teachers; moreover, this affects the atmosphere of their classrooms. Many outsiders may see our school as boring and being the same as any old school. For the students, every single classroom has a different atmosphere that they either love or greatly dislike.

The atmosphere of Classroom A is quiet. Lazily waking into this room students can feel their body gravitate to their assigned seat that they have sat at every single day since the beginning of the school year. For the most part, you know exactly what to expect from this teacher. This teacher is going to do a powerpoint presentation, assign homework, or even better let you have a “catch up” day. When trapped inside this 30 by 30 feet windowless room the only thing that can be heard are the quiet snores at your table and the ones close by.

The only time Classroom A starts to liven up is about five minutes until the bell rings; this is when the sleeping beasts will be released from their 45 minute prison. Classroom A is filled majority filled with students that have to pass the class in order to graduate. The teacher knows that this is the case and will push them along most of the time so they, at least, get a D. Being in this kind of environment creates a relaxed feel. It could also create a stressed feeling for the students that do not like sitting in a chair for 45 minute intervals.

Having these types of students often times lead students to focus on just teaching in order to pass test instead of discussing and making sure their students know why things are the way they are. The last element of Classroom A that students remember vividly is the class subject. They may not remember the information and facts but they will remember briefly what the topic was about. There are several classes I do not remember what was discussed for the majority of the days, but I can remember all the jokes and friends that I shared the class with.

For classes that fit the description of Classroom A the memories will be the best thing taken out of the class. For Classroom B there is almost always a commotion going on. There is small talk and discussion throughout the whole room. Even though this may sound like a bad thing, the discussions have the students and teachers involved. Every thought is thought provoking and supposed to create new ideas in the minds of the students. This classroom may or may not have windows to let the sunshine inside which automatically awakens everyone. Classroom B is larger than the other rooms in the school.

Students are rushing around to get together their supplies in order to complete the task they have been working on for the last several days. This is the class that when it is time to clean up there are people saying, “No, I do not want to stop. ” These students are in the middle of genius and when there are five minutes left they begin to panic but then plan for the next day. Classroom B usually has students that love what is being taught. They do not just love the subject. They are excited to attend this class everyday for they know they are going to learn something new.

Usually this type of classroom has many interactive opportunities. It could range from getting into a circle for class discussion to actually picking up tools to use. Whenever I think of classroom B, I think of being able to take parts and tools to create a masterpiece. Ideas are flying through the air just like the music or commotion. Many of the assignment are given as group work, but there are also several individual projects also. Some students do not enjoy this type of classroom, but for many it is the best part of their day. Many students need the opportunity to walk around or stand up when doing work.

This allows them to walk away if they become bored with what they are doing. Then they can come back and finish the assignment. Not being constrained can also help relieve anxiety that students feel. Standing can help them relieve this and become more peaceful in school. Finally, Classroom B has some of the most memorable teachers. These teachers feel excited when teaching their subject matter. They have spent many hours at workshop across the state in order to provide the best education for their students. These are the teachers that will be remember when you are finally starting your career five years after graduating from high school.

Having an exciting teacher improves how much a student takes from a class. Classroom B usually has the funnier and thoughtful teachers. Whether you are currently in high school or completed classes many years ago a certain teacher or classroom probably appeared in your mind when picturing these two different classroom atmospheres. There were probably amazing and terrible memories that were engraved to each desk in that classroom. Even though many classes are similar at Tell City High School they are also unique in their own way. What atmosphere do you learn best in?