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For today’s tutorial I decided to try something new and create an entire look using a single brand products. As per your feedback, such posts help you to learn all the tricks of creating a makeup look but also learn about the products from one specific line that I love the best. I’m super honored to announce the first brand that will be featured in those new series, it’s affordable and high-performing essence cosmetics. For this post, I collaborated with essence (as l’m one of their new makeup ambassadors) to share with you an easy everyday makeup look with the twist.

Before we begin, I just want to make sure that you know about ssence’s #WatchMeSparkle campaign which is essentially an on-going makeup challenge where you receive weekly prompts for a chance to win a two-days trip to New York. If you are a makeup lover, this contest is a great way not only to compete for the grand prize, but also a super motivating way to try being more creative with your makeup. In case you are interested, here is the link where you can find all the rules and enter the challenge: Okay, and now it’s time to sparkle… Just kidding! Here is the list of products that I used to create my makeup look.

Essence All I Need Concealer Palette in 10 Cover It All: It was my first ncounter with color correcting so I applied the shades from this palette more as art rather than a makeup product, but the result was surprisingly amazing. All the colors blended together beautifully and this colorful base actually made my skin look… healthier! I will make sure to create an Instagram video for you guys so you can see in action how dramatically color correction could change your complexion. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: All time favorite as it always make my skin look flawless.

Wish I had essence foundation to test out in this one brand tutorial, but I didn’t have any in my collection at the time f shooting this tutorial. Essence Make Me Brow Duo Eyebrow Powder: This product got damaged during shipping, but I still get the most out of it and the darker shade from the palette matches my brow color perfectly. I’l be definitely repurchasing the product, especially because it’s so affordable. Essence Lash and Brow Gel Mascara: The product has a wet feel to it which at first felt weird, but if you don’t mind such finish this is the product to consider.

Essence Contouring Eye Pencil: I only used a highlighting part of it and it did a good job in emphasizing the under the brow area. Essence 2-in-1 Eyeshadow & Primer in 02 Nude Rose: I already raved about this primer in my February favorites and my opinion reminds the same–it’s a super long- lasting product that overperforms many more expensive alternatives. I love it! Essence Smokey Eyes Set in 03 Smokey Rose: There are only three colors in the set that are comparably small. It’s not the best eyeshadow quality I’ve ever tried, but when applied wet the brown shade turned out looking very beautiful on the eyes.

Essence Rock ‘N’ Doll: I’m very picky when it comes to mascaras, but I really loved this one. The applicator of this product is huge (I would compare it to Dior DiorShow ne) which makes it super convenient to apply. I also enjoyed the finish and longevity of this mascara. Essence Satin Touch Blush in 10 Satin Coral: The shade of this blush works perfectly with my complexion but I would recommend using a light hand with it as the product is very pigmented.

Essence Light Up Your Face Luminizer Palette in 10 Ready, Set, Glow! I only used the middle of those three highlighters as the other two do not show off on my skin tone and it was pleasantly shiny and sparkly. Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 02: As I recently mentioned on my Instagram, I do love the shade and feel of this lipstick. It’s ot the most long-lasting product (in fact, it doesn’t claim to be), but it’s so comfortable to wear that I highly recommend this product. Of course, you can don’t need to use the exact products to repeat the look l’ll be describing below. Just use similar shade products that you already have in your collection.

Okay, let’s get started! Step #1: Start by applying color correcting concealers on those parts of your face that require fixing discoloration, acne scars, or dark spots issues. Below, I provide the directions listed on Essence All I Need Concealer Palette so you know which color goes where. Beige: Covers Imperfections (i. . it’s your typical concealer). Pink: Brightens tired looking skin. Green: Neutralizes redness. Yellow: Conceals dark under eye shadows. As you see in photos, I went all the way in with my color correctors and basically painted by entire face with those.

To be fair, these blended as easy as I couldn’t even expect. This new color correcting routine took a little more time than my usual makeup, but I felt that it was totally worth it. Step #2: Apply your favorite foundation and follow up with the concealer from the same concealer palette. If you can’t find the perfect concealer shade in the palette, try mixing two shades ogether to create a custom concealer that works for your skin tone. Step #3:1 prefer starting my eye makeup after I’m done with my brows and this look was not an exception.

I started by applying Essence Make Me Brow Duo Eyebrow Powder with an angle brush. Then, I applied concealer from the same palette to clean up the lines. The next step was a clear brow gel that comes with a mascara-style wand. Despite the wet feeling of this product that was not my favorite, the gel works really well with taming brows and “glueing” them so they wear for a long time. Finally, finish the brow look by emphasizing the brow bone with a pencil ighlighter (those are my favorite products to use in this area as pencils guarantee better precision).

Step #4: Now it’s time for eye makeup! I broke out this step into a few smaller ones so it’s easier to understand what exactly I did to achieve the look. A. Start by applying an eyeshadow primer to ensure the longevity of your eye makeup. I continue raving about Essence 2-in-1 Eyeshadow & Primer in 02 Nude Rose as it’s my current favorite. If you didn’t have a chance to check it out, I highly recommend doing so. B. Pick a light beige shade all over the lid and towards the brow bone area where you already pplied a highlighter. Use a big blending brush to properly distribute the product.

C. With a smaller brush, apply a light purple shade onto the outer corners of the eyes and blend with the previously applied shade. D. Spray some setting spray on a small flat brush (angled brush will do too) and deep it into a golden brown eyeshadow. Put on a winged eyeliner and you will notice how shiny and more durable is the eyeshadow applied that way. E. Finish eye look by applying a volumizing mascara. Step #5: For contouring, I only used a blush and a highlighter that I applied with the same brush. First, I applied blush and hen used a highlighter as a blush topper for a more neutral and blended look.

Step #6: Finish the look by applying a nude lipstick. As I already mentioned, the formula of Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick in 02 is very pleasant so if you are on a lookout for a new neutral moisturizing lipstick, I would recommend checking it out. That was it for this look. I hope you enjoyed following this neutral eye makeup with a twist tutorial. Please let me know in the comments area below if you tried any of essence cosmetics products (and if so, what are some of your favorites? ). I also look forward to hearing which one brand makeup look shall I do next.