Informative Essay About Opening Song

Opening Credits- Celeste // Ezra Vine What better opening song to the album of my high school career than a song named after me? If I were my own boyfriend, I’d dedicate this song to myself. The upbeat background music throughout the song makes me automatically feel bubbly and happy. The first time I found this song on Spotify last year, it caught my eye, since of course, it is titled after my name. If I was a song, this is the song I would be. You can listen to this song anywhere at anytime, and it will automatically draw you in and hook you.

Waking Up- Purpose // Justin Bieber I don’t like crazy, energetic songs to wake up to in the morning since I’m so sleepy. In fact, I’ve made sure I listen to the same song every morning when I’m getting ready. This song is a perfect, slow song to wake up to, all while having motivating lyrics that I can sing at the top of my lungs to help me wake up. It gives me just the right amount of motivation to start my day. I don’t know who Justin Bieber is saying gives him purpose, but this song definitely gives me purpose. It reminds me to thank God for the blessing of another morning.

Nothing like a song | know every word to to get me excited to start another day. First Day of School- Ride // Twenty One Pilots This song makes me very happy, just like the first day of senior year did, my last year of free education. I’m just crus=using through this last year of high school, “taking my time on my ride. ” I do not want to rush through anything this year, because | know it will go fast enough on it’s own. Listening to this song makes me want to stick my head out the window and feel the wind through my hair. I want to enjoy the last year of high school just like that.

Falling in Love- Wouldn’t It Be Nice // The Beach Boys Thave actually never fell in love with a boy. But, I have fallen in love with the movie “50 First Dates,” and I am actually in a committed relationship with it since I have watched it at least a hundred times. This is one of the main songs in the movies, playing an important role in their relationship. Despite Lucy’s terrible memory loss, she sings this Beach Boys song every time she hangs out with Henry. Even after Henry leaves, Lucy still sings the song, just because she’s thinking of Henry.

Once Henry is on his boat and he hears this song, he runs back to Lucy because he does not want to give up on her, and they start their life together. I could only dream of a love like this, where Henry never gave up on her, despite the hardships in their relationship. Driving My Car- Partition // Beyonce Once this song comes on in the car, it is an automatic dance party. I will grip the steering wheel and whip my hair around as soon as the first bass drops. I know every word to this song, and I will sing it as intense as possible.

It does not matter who is in the car with me, or if I am driving or not, I will give my 110% dancing to this song. The scenario Beyonce is singing about takes place in a car, which is why I like listening to it in a car. I will never miss out on the opportunity to act out every little part of it. Fight Song- This One’s For The Girls // Martina McBride Listening to this song encourages me to be a strong and independent lady. I can listen to this song when I am down, and gain motivation to get me through any situation.

It talks about heartbreaks, and talks about growing up and being on your own. Martina sings the song to tell girls of all ages to continue loving and dreaming no matter what. Whether you are 1 to 99, she sings this song for you. She sends a beautiful message to me, helping me keep my head eye and continue being strong. Breaking Up-Sorry // Beyonce This is my ultimate break-up song. Beyonce sings that she is not sorry for ending the relationship, because she was cheated on. My junior year of high school was when I had my last relationship, and I ended up getting cheated on.

I have thick skin in relationships from my first relationship, so I just shook myself off and realized it was his loss. This song describes my exact feelings, such as when she sings “middle fingers up, put them hands high, wave it in his face, tell him boy bye. ” I kicked that boy to the curb, and continued on strong. This song gives me the empowerment I need to let me know that I do not need a boy to make me feel complete. Mental Breakdown- Chasing Cars // Snow Patrol I do not cry a lot, but when I do cry, it is because I am watching Grey’s Anatomy.

I started Grey’s on Netflix in the summer of 2015 and did not finish until March 2016, because I never wanted it to end. I have an emotional connection to Grey’s and every character in the show. Whenever a main character is dying, hurt, or just emotionally broken for some reason, this song plays almost every time. Whenever I hear this song, I am taken back to the day Little Grey died from a plane crash, and Callie had to be saved from a car collision. So many tears and mental breakdowns occurred those days. Party Song- Hood Go Crazy (ft. Chainz & B. o. B) // Tech N9ne This is my ultimate party song, hands down.

It will forever remind me of Summer 2015, the most fun summer to m I have made so many great memories and went on many adventures last summer with great friends, and this was always our theme song. In nearly every single car ride, this is the song we would play. In Melanie’s car, we would put the top down in her WW bug, and drive to Fresno, the lake, or the beach, and blast this song the loudest we can. We know all the words to the song, and can sing it flawlessly.

You can expect me to start breaking down dancing whenever I first hear the beat start playing at anytime. Whether we were tanning at the lake, driving around Downtown SLO, or just making our daily Dutch runs, we would make sure this song was played at least once, if not twice. Getting Back Together-We’re Never Ever Getting Back Together // Taylor Swift My freshman year of high school, I had a boyfriend that I thought I would be with forever. I was the typical naive freshman (I learned now).

Regardless of how bad he treated me, I stayed with him because I thought he “loved me. Once my favorite artist, Taylor Swift, released her new album “Red,” this song automatically became one of my favorite songs on the album. Once I broke up with my boyfriend for good, this became my personal anthem. I would remind myself that the constant bickering and arguments were not worth it, and then I would put on my headphones and sing this song at the top of lungs. Ironically enough, the good thing was that after this song was released, my ex and I never ever ever got back together. Alone In My Room- What Makes You Beautiful // One Direction Honestly, One Direction is my guilty pleasure.

Every girl was obsessed with them in middle school, but I refused to be. It was not until sophomore year of high school that I began to listen to their older songs. Funny enough, I fell in love with a couple of their older albums. “What Makes You Beautiful” is the most iconic jam I have ever heard. I can not let people know that I am now a One Direction fan though because I am trying to avoid as much embarrassment as possible. I will continue to sing this song when I am all alone in my room and no one can hear my terrible singing.

Family Trip Or Vacation- Oceans // Hillsong United The first time I showed my dad this song, we were driving down the PCH, somewhere between Pismo and Monterey. The sun was setting behind the ocean, casting beautiful colors. It was a joyous moment, where I could truly thank God for blessing me with life. If it was not for Him, we would not be there to experience that moment. Singing the song together with my family made me extremely happy. Now on every road trip, I play this song so we can sing it all together and thank God.

Last Day Of School- Fast // Luke Bryan Luke Bryan talks about how “60 seconds now feels more like 30,” which is true in my case. High school has flown by, especially these last few months. I reminisce back on high school and smile, wishing that it maybe could have gone a little slower. End Credits- I’ll Always Remember You // Hannah Montana This is the song that will be playing in my head all graduation day. It describes my exact feelings towards graduation talking about how “our future is in our hands and how we “have so many dreams and so many plans. While listening to this song, I think back on all the memories I have made at Madera High, and all the people who have touched my life.

I am appreciative of the small town I come from, and the opportunities Madera High has blessed me with. I will always remember these last 4 years and all the people that shaped me into the person I have become today. This song causes me to look back on high school and just smile as it’s now coming to an end. “For [me] the world just opens up, as I close this chapter and begin a new story at Cal Poly this fall. I’ll always remember my roots and Madera High School. #BleedBlue #OnceAYoteAlwaysAYote