Personal Narrative: The Music Career Essay

It all happened on a Monday at around 4:30p. m. The audition was supposed to go perfectly. I had practiced the music over and over again. I knew it by heart and could play it at a moment’s notice. But it didn’t go as planned. That’s the one thing that I remember most, things don’t … Read more

Informative Essay About Opening Song

Opening Credits- Celeste // Ezra Vine What better opening song to the album of my high school career than a song named after me? If I were my own boyfriend, I’d dedicate this song to myself. The upbeat background music throughout the song makes me automatically feel bubbly and happy. The first time I found … Read more

The Whisper Song Analysis Essay

In 2005, the Ying Yang Twins released “one of the greatest rap songs about sex”, titled “Wait (The Whisper Song)”. This song hit “No. 3 on Billboard’s R&B/hip-hop singles chart, is up for best rap performance by a duo or a group” (Ollison 2006); however, was unabashedly misogynistic. This song received incredible praise for its … Read more

Reggae And Hip Hop: The Power Of Music Essay

During this study of research I will review literature regarding the relationship between Reggae and Hip hop: Focusing on the link between music and culture, showing contrast and comparison between both movements. The sources reviewed will evidently outline similarities, in terms of social and economical influences. Although both movements may demonstrate similarity, they may provide … Read more

The Arctic Monkeys: Song Analysis Essay

The Arctic Monkeys are an English rock band formed around 2002 in Sheffield. Their music has impacted the way we listen to rock in past couple of years by creating and adding new sound never imagined in indie rock. Currently there are about 4 members in the band. Alex turner (lead vocalist) and Jamie Cook … Read more

Essay On Liberal Arts Education

I received your letter wondering how a liberal arts education would benefit a medical student. This is a very common debate that has come up lately. A liberal arts education is something that most colleges are beginning to require. There are many factors that come into play when talking about a liberal arts education, especially … Read more

Who wouldn’t want to get free music off the Internet?

I know I would jump at the chance to be able to get all the music I’ve ever wanted for free. This is what the program Napster has attempted to do. But, you have to as yourself, what about copyright laws? What would happen if everybody stopped buying albums because they could get it for … Read more

Napster: First Amendment Right?

Napster is a company that operates exclusively online as a virtual music forum. Napster not only allows its visitors the ability to participate in ongoing discussions through its message board forums and online virtual chat rooms, but it also allows its visitors the capability to exchange music files (MP3s) with other Internet users. Because Napster … Read more

The Controversy Concerning Musical Lyrics

In todays society, adolescents are feeling the increasing controversial tension within the aspect of musical lyrics. Whether we ponder the ethical framework of gansta rap or metal music each instill a viewpoint that have advocates against this freedom of expression at wits end. As a result, a tug-of-war as to whos right and whos not … Read more