Reggae And Hip Hop: The Power Of Music Essay

During this study of research I will review literature regarding the relationship between Reggae and Hip hop: Focusing on the link between music and culture, showing contrast and comparison between both movements. The sources reviewed will evidently outline similarities, in terms of social and economical influences. Although both movements may demonstrate similarity, they may provide a different outlook in relation to beliefs, religion and culture. I will explore this subject to understand the effect these two genres have entailed on society.

This research will also help me discover if music can help social change under positive circumstances. Hip hop files book The purpose of this book is to research and identify the many aspects of how hip hop emerged with a personal and cultural identity. My intention is to obtain more of an understanding on this subject and reflect on how the society is effected from the earlier years of the hip hop era. Martha Cooper who is the author of this book, has been a photographer in urban art and architecture for over twenty five years.

She had been in the right place at the right time to capture and document the cultural record of hip hop’s creative early years. She also analyses the suffering of extreme deprivation and how identities represented the hip hop movement in the 1970s – 1980s (p. 41). Martha’s focus was mainly on photographing people in this era, who created music, dance and art that became a worlwide movement (p. 6).

The hip hop files provide an overview of how hip hop culture emerged. From pictures to interviews, there is clear evidence that the start of hip hop movement consisted of MCing, break ancing and graffiti in the form of art. It also shows development of the movement and how the youths would initially invent musical creations to collaborate with artistic work (p. 11). Hip Hop America This book will give me a clearer insight of understanding the difference between underground and mainstream hip hop. Hip Hop America was published in 1998, written by an author named Nelson George. He is a television producer, author, music and cultural critic, and filmmaker in African-American culture.

Nelson George discusses the musical shift of R&B, whilst also approaching hip hop but with greater focus on rap’s cultural impact. He examines why hip hop has an impact on black youths in the american population, and speaks of how this movement has developed and is currently evolving in depth (p. 66). Nelson George gives a very personal perspective on the account of hip hop, whilst incorporating the connection of sub-genres (p. 6). Nelson George speaks more on hip hop’s society oppression and politics, opposed to Martha Cooper delves more in to the cultural identity.