Hip Hop Essay

In Hip hop music, the DJ acts as a musician playing songs from his/her collection. Hip hop is composed of four elements: rapping, DJing, breakdancing and graffiti writing. Hip Hop stylizes text in ways that form poems and rhymes. The forces of creation have driven Hip hop for over 40 years now. Hip hop began … Read more

Hip-Hop: Jamaican Pioneers In The 70’s

Hip-Hop was brought into the U. S by a gathering of Jamaican settlers in the 70’s. One of the Jamaicans, Clive Campbell, A. K. A Kool Herc started, making instrumentals out of two turntables. While another man from the Bronx, Theodore Livingstone, A. K. A Grand Wizard, incidentally found the scratching sound of the turntable. … Read more

The Whisper Song Analysis Essay

In 2005, the Ying Yang Twins released “one of the greatest rap songs about sex”, titled “Wait (The Whisper Song)”. This song hit “No. 3 on Billboard’s R&B/hip-hop singles chart, is up for best rap performance by a duo or a group” (Ollison 2006); however, was unabashedly misogynistic. This song received incredible praise for its … Read more

Reggae And Hip Hop: The Power Of Music Essay

During this study of research I will review literature regarding the relationship between Reggae and Hip hop: Focusing on the link between music and culture, showing contrast and comparison between both movements. The sources reviewed will evidently outline similarities, in terms of social and economical influences. Although both movements may demonstrate similarity, they may provide … Read more