Essay about Personal Narrative: A Person Who Changed My Life

My full name is Colin Zachary Arndt. I was born at a ski resort in Steamboat Colorado, Then my parents and I traveled the country following my grandparents. My grandfather was a well know hotel manager so he was transferred a lot. My parents were both college drop outs so we didn’t have a lot of money and we spent the beginning of my life in a very rough spot. When my Dad was finally able to get a job we moved here and lived in the apartment building across the street from Mi Rachito. I was not a very shy kid at all.

I was also really good at making friends, Soon after a year I had plenty of friends in the back neighborhoods. I attended school at two elementary schools (Oak Hill, Three Creeks) It was then that I discovered many things about myself. I was legally blind, I was smart, and that I had a pure love for sports. I enjoyed to play Basketball, Football, and Baseball. But whats funny is that I don’t even do those sports anymore. When I was about nine years old my grandparent bought my happy place. It is a medium sized house on Bass Lake in Knox Indiana.

I quickly learned that I had a real talent in practically all water sports. I can honestly tell you that there is no better feeling than laying out on the skis and just sucking in all the beautiful lake air. It was and has always always been my happy place, the place where my severe anxiety would just leave me alone. As I moved onto Middle School I found that I was no longer any good at baseball because I couldn’t even see the ball. After my 7th grade year I discovered I also had a talent in a new Sport. My Love for running and Cross Country was really sparked at this point in my life.

As a seventh grader I made the varsity squad found myself at the start line during the Indiana State meet. During the the grade I decided to give Football a try again. I was and will forever be the greatest season I’ve ever played, I enjoyed my team, they were my brothers. In the winter of 8th I found made the basketball team again but found that my love for the game was taken by the coach. I can honestly say he was my middle school bully because he ruined something that was truly special to me. In the spring I decided to give my love for running another try.

My and my bros worked very hard to accomplish our goals during that season. In the end I came out as the 4×800 Meter relay Middle School recored holder along with Adam Edwards, Eli Love, and Dustin Hudak. This team and myself also went on to become the 4×800 meter conference champions. That is probably the thing that I am most proud of myself for in my 15 years of living. After that freshman year started and I decided I was going to go with my brothers and play football until one day at practice during the summer I tore my right pectoral mussel in half.

During the time that I had off I thought to myself about how things were really going for me, When I was healthy I joined the Lowell High School Cross Country team. And I’ve been one happy runner ever since. (Devils kill, Devils kill, Devils kill, 1. 2. 3, Balls out 😉 ) Present- Right now In my life I am 15 years old, I am a runner and a swimmer. I attend Lowell High School and practically live there… I spend 9 hours a day at the school on average. I Study and train all day, I bet a lot of people here can relate. At this point in life I feel very stretched apart.

I go to school, I run my 7 Miles a day, and then I try to make room for my social time. I do have someone special, but I also have friends that make me laugh and able to feel good. In the last weeks I found myself struggling to make everything work. But hey, I’ve never backed down from a challenge. Future- In my future I plan to make the Varsity Cross Country and Swim squad. I plan the Graduate High School with honors and try my best to get a scholarship to either Indiana University or Florida State. I Plan to get a degree in Criminal Justice and join the Police Academy.

I plan on moving to Chattanooga, Tennessee to become a Fish and Game Warden. I plan or least hope to have a wife and family of my own. I plan on being more prepared to have those children then my parents were to have me. I don’t want my children to spend the first part of their lives like i spent mine. My plan overall is to grow up and protect the people and I nature I have loved since I could walk. “A Strong man Stands up for himself, a Stronger man Stands up for others. ”-Barnyard my favorite childhood movie.